Pro Wrestling in Pittsburgh Means P-W-X!

Head Trainer
Brandon K

Notable PWX Academy Alumni

Corey Graves (f/k/a Sterling James Keenan)
Quinn Magnum
Mad Mike
Brandon K
Scottie Gash
Sean "Shocker" Evans
"Big Time" Vince Kaplack
Crusher Hansen
Chris Taylor
Devin Devine
Lance Dayton
Payton Graham
JR Mega
Tanner Reynolds
Ganon Jones, Jr.
Cassidy Stone
Clinton Crooks
Christian Black
Drake Braddock
Maxx Daniels
Drake Braddock
and many more!
PWX Wrestling Academy
The PWX Academy is the place where a career in professional wrestling can begin!

Officially sanctioned and operated by Pro Wrestling eXpress, the PWX Academy has trained athletes who have appeared on cards for WWE, TNA, WCW, ECW, and the independent circuit, including Europe and Asia! In fact, many of the athletes on the PWX roster and on the Pittsburgh wrestling scene got their start in the NWA East Academy!

Pittsburgh native and former Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle (pictured right), who began his career in professional wrestling at the PWX Wrestling Academy, mentioned the PWX Academy as a place where an aspiring wrestler can get a start in the sport of professional wrestling.

"If you’re going to learn, learn the right way and do it from someone that knows how to do it. For instance, if you’re in Pittsburgh, [PWX] is here. You can learn from guys there, learn the proper way, and prove yourself that way," stated Angle during the interview on the WWE's “Byte This” internet talk show.

The PWX Academy has a team of instructors more than qualified to teach the finer aspects of the sport of professional wrestling, and who have the knowledge, expertise, and ability to instruct the basics of the sport to the students of the school. The PWX Academy offers students the most fundamentally sound training around, where students can concentrate on learning the skills needed to pursue a career in the sport of professional wrestling.

While many wrestling schools may charge outrageous prices, and have a questionable track record, the PWX Academy provides a complete and comprehensive (not to mention rigorous) training regimen, with a track record over ten years long. The PWX Academy will not only strengthen your body, but your mind and spirit, and well as teaching the basic and advanced skills necessary to compete in the squared circle.

The PWX Academy is also now the only professional wrestling school in the area to not only offer classes during the week, but also classes during the weekends for those who might not be able to attend during weekdays. This gives the PWX Academy more flexibility in learning than any other school in the area!

How much does all of this cost?
It is actually quite affordable. A tryout for the PWX Academy costs only $200. This tryout is necessary to gauge the physical and mental toughness of an individual, and requires no previous wrestling experience. The fee for this non-contact tryout is applied to the total cost of the training program, if you are accepted into the Academy. You must be at least 16 years of age to tryout, and if you are under 18 you will need medical clearance from a physician, and written permission from a legal guardian.

The total cost for training is $2000. When you compare the PWX Academy to other training centers with a similar history and track record the value is clear. Yes, the PWX Academy will work with you on an installment play for payment. No, there will never be any additional charges or fees! No, there is no specific time period when your training will end - you will train until you have mastered the art of professional wrestling! The PWX Academy is a school dedicated to creating athletes... that foundation is part of the tradition the sport of professional wrestling is built on! We will not damage our reputation or that of this sport by offering incomplete or incompetent training.

For more information about training at the PWX Academy, please contact