Pro Wrestling in Pittsburgh Means P-W-X!
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Pro Wrestling eXpress is proud to announce a huge expansion to it's world for 2015 as 7 huge live events have been signed for next year entitled PWX FUTURES!

In addition to the already 18 announced dates for PWX live events, these are an extra 7 events that will feature the future stars of PWX, new talent arriving from outside the area, and PWX veterans looking to cause problems!!

With the ever growing PWX Training Academy prospering greatly and a demand of outside talent hoping to become a part of Pro Wrestling eXpress, this is a huge opportunity for the hungry to rise to the top and the envious to scheme....

Who is in charge? Who is the champion? Who will show up unexpected? What new talent will arrive? Who will rise up?

PWX FUTURES will allow men and women to showcase their talents and prove that they will be ready to make a huge impact on the fulltime Pro Wrestling eXpress roster for years to come!

PWX Futures

Upcoming dates for PWX FUTURES 2015:

FUTURES 7 - Saturday, November 7th
FUTURES 8 - Saturday, December 5th

All belltimes are 7:30pm!
All action takes place at The Wrestleplex (2125 Beacon Street, McKeesport, PA 15132)