Pro Wrestling in Pittsburgh Means P-W-X!

Top 5 Longest Reigns
as of 2/23/15

1. Dean Radford
October 27th, 2012 - August 23rd, 2013
9 months, 27 days

2. Eric Xtasy
August 6, 2005 - May 14, 2006
9 months, 8 days

3. Chris LeRusso
February 25th, 2012 - October 27th, 2012
8 months, 2 days

4. Paul Atlas
May 14, 2006 - December 30, 2006
7 months, 16 days

5. Justin Idol
January 4, 2003 - July 5, 2003
6 months, 1 day

Mad Mike
November 29, 2014 - May 30, 2015
6 months, 1 day

Most Title Reigns
as of 2/23/15

Dash Bennett - 5
Chris LeRusso - 3
Chris Taylor - 3
Devin Devine - 3
PWX Three Rivers Title History
1 Scott Venom    October 16, 1999 North Versailles, PA *Wins a ten man battle royal to win the vacant championship
2 Jimmy Anjel Scott Venom January 21, 2000 North Versailles, PA
3 Super Hentai Jimmy Anjel February 5, 2000 North Versailles, PA
4 Boomer Payne Super Hentai June 10, 2000 North Versailles, PA
5 Super Hentai 987 October 28, 2000 McKeesport, PA *Wins the title in a six-man tag match when Hentai, Quinn Magnum & Crusher Hansen defeated 987 (Boomer Payne, JB Destiny & Gator)
6 Orion Super Hentai February 17, 2001 McKees Rocks, PA *Stripped of title for not making any defenses within a 30 day period.  
7 Crusher Hansen Dean Jablonski, JB Destiny June 23, 2001 McKeesport, PA *Wins the vacant Title in three-way match
Stripped of title for no-showing a mandatory title defense 
8 Dirk Ciglar --- September 8, 2001 McKeesport, PA *Vacant Title is awarded to whomever eliminates Ciglar in the "Burgh Brawl" Battle Royal.  Ciglar eliminates himself to win the title.  
**Forfeits title due to injury in October 2001
9 Quinn Magnum Brandon K, Homicyde, Nikita Allanov, Scott Venom October 6, 2001 McKeesport, PA *Wins vacant title in a five-way ladder match
**Stripped of title for unprofessional conduct in November 2001
10 Guido Corleone --- November 10, 2001 McKeesport, PA *Wins the vacant title in a battle royal
**Stripped of title for not making any defenses within a 30 day period.  
11 Daron Smythe Dash Bennett, Bison, Sean Stylez December 15, 2001 McKeesport, PA *Won a "Four Corners" match to capture the vacant title.
12 Dash Bennett Daron Smythe February 16, 2002 McKeesport, PA
13 Paul Atlas Dash Bennett March 2, 2002 McKeesport, PA
14 Jimmy Anjel --- May 10, 2002 --- *Is given the title by Paul Atlas when Atlas wins Triple Crown.  
15 Mad Mike Jimmy Anjel June 21, 2002 McKeesport, PA
16 Scottie Gash Mad Mike October 26, 2002 McKeesport, PA *match is forfeited and the title is awarded to Gash when Mad Mike fails to show for "winner take all, title v title" match
**stripped of title on 11/23/02 by Championship Committee
17 Justin Idol Scottie Gash January 4, 2003 McKeesport, PA *Idol wins Tournament final to capture vacant championship
18 Devin Devine Justin Idol July 5, 2003 McKeesport, PA
19 Dirk Ciglar Devin Devine, Crusher Hansen, Justin Idol August 2, 2003 McKeesport, PA *Won a four-way match to win the title
20 Daron Smythe Dirk Ciglar November 8, 2003 McKeesport, PA
21 Devin Devine Daron Smythe January 3, 2004 McKeesport, PA *Three-way also involving Heavyweight Champion Justin Idol.  Devine pinned Smythe to win Three Rivers Title only.
22 Lance Dayton Devin Devine February 28, 2004 McKeesport, PA *Stripped of title due to injury
23 Chris Taylor Crusher Hansen July 3, 2004 McKeesport, PA *Won a match for the vacant title
24 Spyral Chris Taylor, Justin Idol December 18, 2004 McKeesport, PA *Won a Three-way elimination match
**Relinquishes title on 1/8/05
25 Chris Taylor Nikita Allanov January 29, 2005 McKeesport, PA *Taylor wins Tournament final to capture vacant championship
26 Nikita Allanov Chris Taylor May 28, 2005 McKeesport, PA
27 Chris Taylor Nikita Allanov June 25, 2005 McKeesport, PA
28 Eric Xtasy Chris Taylor August 6, 2005 McKeesport, PA
29 Paul Atlas Eric Xtasy May 14, 2006 McKeesport, PA *Lumberjack Match
30 Devil Bhudakahn Scottie Gash February 3, 2007 McKeesport, PA * Won a best 2/3 Match to win the vacated title
31 Blue Dragon Devil Bhudakahn June 1, 2007 McKeesport, PA
32 Guido Corleone Blue Dragon August 25, 2007 McKeesport, PA
33 Chris LeRusso Guido Corleone December 22, 2008 McKeesport, PA
34 Dash Bennett Chris LeRusso April 5, 2008 McKeesport, PA
35 Bobby Shields Dash Bennett July 5, 2008 McKeesport, PA
36 Dash Bennett Bobby Shields September 20, 2008 McKeesport, PA
37 JR Mega Dash Bennett September 20, 2008 McKeesport, PA
38 Gregory Iron James Ross March 14, 2009 McKeesport, PA
39 Dash Bennett Gregory Iron August 22, 2009 McKeesport, PA
40 Ryan Mitchell Dash Bennett January 30, 2010 McKeesport, PA
41 Lou Marconi Ryan Mitchell July 16, 2010 McKeesport, PA *Was a gauntlet match between the champion Mitchell and the 216 Clique of Dan Arkham, Will Esquire, Frank Staletto, & Marconi
42 Stryder Lou Marconi October 23rd, 2010 McKeesport, PA *Was a three-way dance also involving Patrick Hayes
43 CJ Sensation Stryder February 25th, 2011 McKeesport, PA *CJ Sensation retired immediately following the match, vacating the title
44 Devin Devine Travis Fame April 29th, 2011 McKeesport, PA *Was a three-way dance tournament final also involving Ryan Reign
45 Dash Bennett Devin Devine June 10th, 2011 McKeesport, PA
46 Robert Parker Williams Dash Bennett October 29th, 2011 McKeesport, PA *Was an elimination 6-way also involving Terry Ring, Travis Fame, CJ Sensation, and Devin Devine
47 Brandon K Chris LeRusso December 17th, 2011 McKeesport, PA *Chris LeRusso was subbing for an injured Robert Parker Williams
**Occurred during the Christmas Chaos match also involving Stryder, Chris Taylor, JR Mega, and Scottie Gash
48 Chris LeRusso Brandon K February 25th, 2012 McKeesport, PA
49 Dean Radford Chris LeRusso October 27th, 2012 McKeesport, PA
50 Scottie Gash Dean Radford August 23rd, 2013 McKeesport, PA  
51 Tanner Reynolds Scottie Gash January 4th, 2014 McKeesport, PA *Was a single-fall four-way also involving Brandon K and Crusher Hansen
52 Matthew Justice Tanner Reynolds March 29th, 2014 McKeesport, PA  
53 Chris LeRusso Matthew Justice June 6th, 2014 McKeesport, PA *Ganon Jones, Jr. replaced LeRusso in the title match against Justice, and gave the title to LeRusso after winning the match
54 Tony Johnson Chris LeRusso August 16th, 2014 McKeesport, PA  
55 Mad Mike Tony Johnson November 29th, 2014 McKeesport, PA *Was a two-fall Double Jeopardy four-way also involving Cassidy Stone and Bill Collier for both the 3 Rivers and Television Titles. Mike won the 3 Rivers Title and Johnson won the TV Title.
56 Joey Vengeance Mad Mike May 30th, 2015 McKeesport, PA  
57 Payton Graham Joey Vengeance September 12th, 2015 McKeesport, PA  
58 Jack Pollock Payton Graham October 24th, 2015 McKeesport, PA  
59 David Lawless Jack Pollock February 20th, 2016 McKeesport, PA *Was a single-fall three-way also involving Stryder
60 Jack Pollock David Lawless March 19th, 2016 McKeesport, PA  
61 Lee Moriarty Jack Pollock May 21st, 2016 McKeesport, PA *Forfeits the title due to injury
62 Beastman Crusher Hansen July 16th, 2016 McKeesport, PA *Winners of two battle royals earlier in the evening to crown a new champion
63 Crusher Hansen Beastman September 17th, 2016 McKeesport, PA  
64 Lewis Crusher Hansen November 5th, 2016 McKeesport, PA  
65 Crusher Hansen Lewis November 5th, 2016 McKeesport, PA  
66 Beastman Crusher Hansen November 19th, 2016 McKeesport, PA *Was a single-fall three-way also involving Kato
*Forced to vacate the title while suspended
67 Stryder Lee Moriarty April 1st, 2017 McKeesport, PA *Won the vacant title in the Three Rivers Contenders Series