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Saturday May 20th, 2017
PWX Wrestleplex - McKeesport, PA

Results courtesy of Hank Hudson!

 (1) Justin Idol (current and rightful owner of the P.W.X. Golden Ticket) pinned "B.E.T. Network Reality T.V. Star" Raphael King in 9:25 after leveling him with a pair of quick kneelifts!!!

(2) FOUR-MAN TAG-TEAM MATCH: Lewis/Toryn Flight defeated Zak Hunter/"The Highlight Of The Night" Classic Chris Helmsly (with advisor Paul Atlas) (Flight pinned Helmsly) in 8:47!!! Helmsly planted Flight with his "Pedigree" face-first piledriver, and he proceeded to cover his masked victim in an arrogant back-to-belly manner!!! In a wink of an eye, Flight hooked Helmsly's arms into a "horizontal crucifix" cradle for the three-count!!!

*****KITANA "P.W.X. MEDIA" INTERVIEW: Destin Vaine threatened to not participate in his P.W.X. debut match later in the evening due to the crowd's total lack of respect in vociferously nearly totally drowning out his every word!!!*****

(3) Don Christopher pinned "The Gavel" David Lawless, Esq. in 6:59!!! Lawless wasted much valuable time in this bout jawing with his arch-enemy Bubba The Bulldog who had suddenly appeared unannounced in street clothes among the spectators in ringside's front row!!! His opponent Christopher eventually would catch the shyster out of nowhere with his spectacular leaping neckbreaker specialty to get the victory pin!!!

(4) "RUN FOR THE TITLE" WOMEN'S MATCH IN THE RACE TO A FUTURE SHOT AT P.W.X. WOMEN'S CHAMPION TESSA BLANCHARD: "The Exalted One" Londyn Ali pinned Devyn Nicole in 6:29 following her devasting swinging-neckbreaker!!!

(5) P.W.X. THREE RIVERS CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Champion Stryder (with Sylvia) pinned Patrick Hayes in 10:40 to retain his title!!! Hayes appeared enroute to the championship with a spectacular reversal of Stryder's "Cloverleaf" hold into a "Sharpshooter" grip of his own!!! When Hayes noticed Sylvia about to storm the ring in an obvious attempt to save the rugby roughneck's title by disqualification, he released his hold to intercept the meddlesome beauty at the apron with a lengthy "liplock" smooch!!! However, this enabled Stryder to measure Patrick for his "spear" finisher to get the title-retaining cover!!! Don Christopher appeared on the 'Plex stage moments later to challenge Stryder for his belt at P.W.X. "Burgh Brawl" on June 3rd!!! Hayes next announced that he will enter the ring at "number one" at "Burgh Brawl 2017" and eliminate everyone enroute to victory, leaving all "hayzed and confused"!!!

(6) Destin Vaine defeated Dave Shaw, FORFEIT!!! Referee Davion Traylor tolled a count of ten on Shaw when he failed to appear in the ring for the match!!! Vaine went completely overboard celebrating his P.W.X. in-ring debut win, including a "victory lap" inside the squared circle!!!

(7) "NUMBER ONE CONTENDERS MATCH" FOR A FUTURE SHOT AT THE P.W.X. HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: "The Hero Of Time" Kato (with Sylvia) pinned The Beastman in 10:31!!! Beastman tried to climb a ringpost, but Sylvia managed to hold one of the West Virginia Wildman's legs just long enough for Kato to set up and deliver a "Kato Krunch" emerald-frosien slam from that high altitude to score the winning three-count!!! Before this bout Kato had handed the P.W.X. Golden Ticket that he and his bunch had stolen from its rightful owner Justin Idol on a previous live-event over to Duke Davis to do with it as he pleased!!!

*****KITANA "P.W.X. MEDIA" INTERVIEW: After Classic Chris Helmsly and Paul Atlas were granted their demand for mic time, "The Classic One" ordered Kitana out of the ring and immediately embarked on his usual loud, ranting diatribe!!! When Dean Radford suddenly appeared on the 'Plex rampway, Helmsly dropped the microphone and looked as though he had seen a ghost!!! Radford overcame their two-on-one attack quickly, first driving Atlas from the ring and then treating Helmsly to a pair of "Radicator" slams!!!*****

(8) FOUR-MAN TAG-TEAM MATCH: "The Bayou Bully" Christian Black/"The Enforcing Official" Crusher Hansen defeated Bubba The Bulldog/"The Screaming Climax" Dirk Ciglar (Black pinned Bubba) in 11:21!!! Bubba eventually went on a one-man rampage as he wiped out both of his adversaries with flying-bulldogs!!! However, in the midst of all the excitement, ref Nick Davidson had been knocked out of commission!!! This allowed Bubba's arch-enemy David Lawless to blindside him with a blow from his gavel!!! P.W.X. Senior Official Hansen placed Black's limp body upon Bubba's and tolled the three-count himself for his team's victory!!! Afterward it took all the referees and at least half of the dressing room to pull apart Bubba and Lawless!!!

(9) THE "POWER WITHIN THE BRIEFCASE" FINALS: "The Apex Of Combat" Lee Moriarty pinned "The Meta Human" Duke Davis (with Sylvia) in 20:17 to win the briefcase!!! This bout was no disqualifications, falls count anywhere, and to a finish with a clear, definite winner only!!! The winner's briefcase is filled with contracts guaranteeing its owner nearly limitless power in P.W.X. for the foreseeable future!!! The battle carried all over the 'Plex with chains and even "gummy bear" candies being used in the assaults!!! The Duke chokeslammed ref P.J. Parker out of action, and the continually-interfering Sylvia was thrust-superkicked by Moriarty from the apron to the 'Plex floor!!! Moriarty eventually would wrap a chain around one of his calves and flatten Davis with his "X-Blade" scissors-kick to score the winning pin for the briefcase!!! Also happening during this main-event was Justin Idol sneaking out to ringside to snatch back physical possession of his P.W.X. Golden Ticket only to be intercepted on the 'Plex stage by Christian Black who demanded a match for The Ticket at "Burgh Brawl 2017" on June 3rd!!!