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Ring of Fire

Saturday July 22nd, 2017
The PWX Wrestleplex - McKeesport, PA

Results courtesy of Hank Hudson!

REFEREES: Joe McCoy, Nick Davidson

*****Saturday, July 29, 2017, Stronghold Arena at the Laurel Mall, U.S. Route 119, Lemont Furnace, PA, P.W.X. "Ryse", 7:30PM Belltime
*****Saturday, August 5, 2017, P.W.X. Wrestleplex, McKeesport, PA, P.W.X. "Summer Scorcher", 7:00PM Belltime

(1) P.W.X. TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Champion "One Cool Cat" Justin Idol pinned "The Man At War" Silas Morgan in 6:53 to retain his title following a released German-suplex throw and a kneeblow upside the head!!!

(2) P.W.X. TAG-TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Champions Lewis/Toryn Flight vs. Zak Hunter/A.J. Matthews, NO CONTEST in 7:50 after The Cogar Brothers out of nowhere rushed the ring to first drive the challengers from the ring and then to totally destroy the defending titleholders!!!

(3) "The Bayou Bully" Christian Black pinned "The Apex Of Combat" Lee Moriarty in 10:35!!! Because P.W.X. Three Rivers Champion Stryder had promised Moriarty during his earlier in-ring interview with Kitana a future title shot should he defeat Black, the rugby roughneck was an interested spectator on the 'Plex stage throughout this contest!!! Later when Black's spew of green mist inadvertently ended up in the eyes of ref Joe McCoy, Stryder took advantage of the arbiter's momentary blindness to spear Moriarty for the Bully's winning three-count!!!

(4) IMPROMPTU "#1 CONTENDER'S" TRIPLE-THREAT MATCH FOR A FUTURE SHOT AT THE P.W.X. TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP WITH P.W.X. SENIOR REFEREE "THE ENFORCING OFFICIAL" CRUSHER HANSEN SERVING AS THE ARBITER: Don Christopher vs. Patrick Hayes vs. "America's Most Hated" Tanner Reynolds, TRIPLE DISQUALIFICATION in 9:40!!! What had started with Christopher requesting some mic time soon evolved into a three wrestler argument and Hansen's proposal of this bout to settle the rhubarb!!! However, Hansen would later refuse to finish tolling Reynolds' cover of Christopher after a "backcracker", followed immediately by successive sucker-punches to all three principals of this contest!!! Crusher next tossed his red challenge flag into the ring and, after further review via his high-tech apparatus, rendered his "TRIPLE D.Q." verdict due to none of three in his opinion being deserving of the "#1 contender" status!!!

(5) P.W.X. HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Champion "The Hero Of Time" Kato (with Sylvia) pinned Shirley Doe in an official time of 3:16 to retain his title!!! The two battled all over the 'Plex "unofficially" for at least five minutes prior to the gong!!! Doe would eventually hit a D.D.T. in the ring, but Sylvia entered the squared-circle at this point and refused to leave so ref McCoy could count!!! The arbiter was forced to personally escort out the evil beauty all the way up the 'Plex ramp and through the stage curtain!!! This allowed an intruder (Peyton Graham) dressed in street clothes with a black towel covering his identity to enter the ring and brain Doe with a road sign for Kato's title-retaining pin!!! This was followed by Stryder joining Kato and Graham in a triple-team beatdown of Doe until intervention by Beastman and finally Lee Moriarty!!!

(6) INTERGENDER MATCH: "The Exalted One" Londyn Ali defeated Destin Vaine, C.O.R. in only 43 seconds!!! Ali survived Vaine's pre-bell blindside attack to soon drive him from the ring and to make him once again walk out on a match!!!

(7) SPECIAL RETURN MATCH: Dean Radford pinned "The Highlight Of The Night" Classic Chris Helmsly (with advisor Paul Atlas) in 3:15!!! After Atlas had removed a protective turnbuckle pad from the top rope, Helmsly attempted to run Radford into the unprotected area from behind!!! However, Dean ducked down at the last instant so that Helmsly ended up flying over his back head-first into the buckle to be pinned!!! Atlas and Helmsly then embarked on a lengthy, brutal beatdown of Radford, climaxed by their total destruction of a table brought into the ring by slamming Dean through it two times!!!

(8) FOUR-MAN TAG-TEAM MATCH: "The Cogar Brothers" (Otis/Atticus) defeated "The Screaming Climax" Dirk Ciglar/"The Man At War" Silas Morgan (Atticus pinned Morgan) in 6:45!!! Ciglar enlisted Morgan to replace the originally-scheduled Drake Braddock, because he knows the Cogars better than anyone!!! However, Ciglar would eventually walk out on his partner Morgan who was immediately planted by Otis' spinning-spinebuster followed by Atticus' top-rope leap for a double-stomp into his midsection for the pin!!!

(9) P.W.X. THREE RIVERS CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Champion Stryder (with Sylvia) pinned The Beastman in 6:25 with a spear out of nowhere to retain his title!!! Immediately afterward, the angry, ominous voice of Lee Moriarty could be heard over the public-address system challenging Stryder to face him outside the building in the city of McKeesport darkness!!!