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In Harm's Way

Saturday June 17th, 2017
The PWX Wrestleplex - McKeesport, PA

Results courtesy of Hank Hudson!

 (1) P.W.X. TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Champion Justin Idol pinned "The Enforcing Official" Crusher Hansen in 8:11 to retain his title!!! Idol's thrust kick to the midsection sent Hansen to his knees and a follow-up running-knee upside his head leveled him for the title-retaining three-count!!!

(2) LEE MORIARTY'S CONTRACT CHALLENGE MATCH: "The Bayou Bully" Christian Black pinned "The Gavel" David Lawless, Esq. in 12:38!!! As the man possessing "The Power Within The Briefcase", Moriarty announced that both the winner and the loser of this bout would each receive one of the many contracts in his briefcase!!! The winner would earn a "Royal Flush" contract good for a shot at every P.W.X. title!!! It would be revealed immediately following the event that the loser got a "Termination" contract!!! Black secretly snatched Lawless' gavel from a corner and, as ref P.J. Parker tried to hold back the advancing shyster, "The Bayou Bully" reached over the arbiter to bop his foe with the hammer!!! Black next executed a "Downward Spiral" to get the winning pin!!! As a result of his defeat Lawless' days at P.W.X. were ended!!!

(3) Patrick Hayes vs. Don Christopher, 15-MINUTE TIME-LIMIT DRAW!!! Hayes connected with his "frog splash" specialty just as time ran out!!!

(4) FOUR-MAN TAG-TEAM MATCH: "The Hellfire Club" (Shirley Doe/The Beastman) defeated Zak Hunter/A.J. Matthews (Beastman pinned Matthews) in 9:03!!! Doe leveled Matthews with a short-clothesline for Beastman to next leap from a ringpost for a 368-pound seated-senton landing on him for the clinching cover!!! Afterward, the West Virginia Wildman bonked Hunter with his giant bone and then treated him to a complimentary "stinkface"!!!

(5) THREE-WAY ELIMINATION MATCH FOR THE P.W.X. HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: "The Hero Of Time" Kato (with Sylvia) defeated champion "The Alpha Dog" J.R. Mega and "Burgh Brawl 21" winner "The Bullet Catcher" Drake Braddock in 10:07 to win the title!!!
1st elimination: Kato pinned Mega at the 7:36 mark!!! Mega appeared to blow out his left knee in the first two minutes of the match and was eventually a victim of Braddock's "frog splash"!!! However, Kato immediately threw off Drake to steal the first elimination pin!!!
2nd elimination: Kato pinned Braddock at the 10:07 mark for the championship!!! Braddock crushed Kato with a "swanton bomb", but ref P.J. Parker then caught Sylvia trying to pull Kato's leg to the ropes!!! As the arbiter tried to evict the meddlesome sidekick from ringside, an unknown intruder (later identified as "The ABSolute" Thomas Mathis) sneaked up on Braddock and wiped him out via a "flatliner" for Kato's title-changing cover!!!

(6) The White Trash Hero defeated Destin Vaine, C.O.R. in only 1:41!!! Hero quickly drove Vaine from the ring, and his foe refused to reenter the squared circle and walked out on a match for the second straight 'Plex live event!!!

(7) P.W.X. THREE RIVERS CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: "The Apex Of Combat" Lee Moriarty defeated champion Stryder (with Sylvia), DISQUALIFICATION in 11:02 (Stryder retained his title)!!! Moriarty executed a super vertical-leap to avoid Stryder's spear resulting in the rugby roughneck's collision with a turnbuckle!!! It was there where Sylvia slipped him the Three Rivers belt which was used just moments later to bash Moriarty for the title-saving disqualification!!!

*****KITANA "P.W.X. MEDIA" INTERVIEW: "The Exalted One" Londyn Ali and "El Espiritu del Carnero" Christiano exchanged some harsh words as well as some physical punishment one week in advance of their "intergender" bout at P.W.X. "Ryse" on June 24th!!!*****
(8) "A MATCH THREE YEARS IN THE MAKING": "The Highlight Of The Night" Classic Chris Helmsly (with advisor Paul Atlas) defeated Dean Radford, DISQUALIFICATION in 4:51!!! Radford hoisted Helmsly into a "fireman's carry" as a prelude to attempt his "Radicator" specialty, but Atlas pulled them to the ropes to force a break!!! Dean next planted Helmsly with a piledriver, but Atlas yanked ref Nick Davidson from the ring to break the ensuing pin count!!! Radford then blew his cool and pushed the arbiter hard into the ring security barrier in an effort to get at his foes and proceeded to get himself disqualified!!! Radford did manage to exact some post-bout vengeance via a steel chair swat to Helmsly's skull!!!

(9) P.W.X. TAG-TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Lewis/Toryn Flight defeated champions "Locked & Loaded" ("The Meta Human" Duke Davis/"Pro Wrestling All-Star" Ganon Jones, Jr.) (Lewis pinned Davis) in 8:33 to win the title!!! Lewis survived a hellacious beating from the defending titleholders in the first five minutes to finally tag out to Flight who went on to dazzle his foes with some of his "lucha style" wizardry!!! Lewis utilized a "blind tag" to reenter the ring and immediately shoved Davis from behind into the ropes for a high-on-the-shoulders reverse rolling-cradle pin on the rebound for the championship!!!