January 2nd, 2014

Pro Wrestling eXpress is proud to support and endorse what is one of the most historic, unique, and trendsetting Pay-Per-View telecasts of this era, as Global Force Wrestling presents New Japan Pro Wrestling's Wrestle Kingdom 9 on all major cable & satellite distributors on Sunday, January 4! Global Force Wrestling CEO & Founder Jeff Jarrett came to the PWX Wrestleplex in McKeesport, PA this past April in order to run a training seminar and scout potential future talent as he continues to build the GFW brand, both domestically and with international partnerships. PWX is proud to support Jeff’s cause and the hope that we will one day see PWX homegrown talents competing in a GFW ring!

Wrestle Kingdom 9 will have an ambiance and atmosphere not to be missed, as upwards of 50,000 fans are expected to pack the Tokyo Dome to create an experience on par with only the most special and prestigious of wrestling supercards! This FOUR hour spectacle will feature hard-hitting, physical, athletic wrestling action the likes of which can't be found on your typical national cable TV wrestling programming, and is the premier event every year for New Japan Pro Wrestling for over two decades and counting! New Japan Pro Wrestling itself has over 40 years of lineage, and many of the most recognizable names in our industry's history have competed in the organization at one time or another, from Hulk Hogan to Brock Lesnar. From that tradition, the stars of today ascend to not only build on the legacy forged by so many in years gone by, but to surpass it.

The talk and fervor surrounding New Japan Pro Wrestling has seen The Bullet Club, the most controversial faction of the past decade-plus, at the center of attention. Featuring some of the most well-known talents the world over, names such as "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles, Jeff Jarrett, The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson), and Doc Gallows all firmly entrenched in their ranks, the group will be well represented as all of these stars will see action as part of this card. Other stars you may be familiar with who will be competing include Shelton Benjamin, Davey Boy Smith Jr. (formerly known as David Hart Smith), Lance Archer, reDRagon (Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish), The Time Splitters (Alex Shelley & KUSHIDA), plus the absolute best Japanese talent in the world, culminating in unequivocally the top two wrestlers in Japan today doing battle, as Hiroshi Tanahashi defends the IWGP Championship against Kazuchika Okada.

For those thinking of sampling the event, but just aren't familiar with the New Japan landscape, there's good news for you! Not only are there dozens of great videos located at to initiate and educate, catching you up to speed on everything you need to know to enjoy Wrestle Kingdom 9 in the fullest, but the event itself will see perhaps the most knowledgeable announce team ever assembled - Hall of Fame wrestling broadcaster "JR" Jim Ross returns to pro wrestling play-by-play, alongside a true historian and student of the game, Matt Striker. With Ross & Striker's decades of following the sport, they know as well as anyone the magnitude of the event at hand and, quite simply, they will be lending their voices to history - and you can witness it all go down as it happens!

Global Force Wrestling presents New Japan Pro Wrestling's Wrestle Kingdom 9 LIVE Sunday, January 4 at the very early start time of 2:00AM EST. However, if you prefer your wrestling pay-per-views in the traditional Sunday night format, we've got you covered! Wrestle Kingdom 9 will be shown in the usual prime-time hours, with a special 7:00PM EST start time. Contact your cable or satellite provider today and make sure you'll be a part of history as Global Force Wrestling brings you Japan's most prestigious event on U.S. soil for the first time ever! Don't have the capability to watch pay-per-view or do you live outside of North America? Download the Flipps app and watch on your TV just the same! This will be the most widely available live pay-per-view wrestling broadcast in history! Don't miss out, Join The Force! Be part of history and tune in January 4 on pay-per-view!
December 30th, 2014

PWX fans!

We regret to inform you that this Saturday January 3rd's PWX show "New Years Knockout" has been canceled. PWX has been a proud Pittsburgh company, one that has bonded with the fan base of a town that embraces it's sports more than any other across the country. So in light of the Pittsburgh Steelers' playoff game scheduled for Saturday, we do not want to make our fans choose between us or them. We support the Steelers in their attempt to be World Champions, and invite you to do the same.

With that said, PWX will present out first show of 2015 on January 17th, and it will be our first Futures show. We invite all out fans to be there and watch as PWX kicks off the New Year with a look at the newest and brightest talent that Pittsburgh has on display!
December 18th, 2014
Pro Wrestling eXpress is proud to announce a huge expansion to it's world for 2015 as 7 huge live events have been signed for next year entitled PWX FUTURES!

In addition to the already 18 announced dates for PWX live events, these are an extra 7 events that will feature the future stars of PWX, new talent arriving from outside the area, and PWX veterans looking to cause problems!!

With the ever growing PWX Training Academy prospering greatly and a demand of outside talent hoping to become a part of Pro Wrestling eXpress, this is a huge opportunity for the hungry to rise to the top and the envious to scheme....

Who is in charge? Who is the champion? Who will show up unexpected? What new talent will arrive? Who will rise up?

PWX FUTURES will allow men and women to showcase their talents and prove that they will be ready to make a huge impact on the fulltime Pro Wrestling eXpress roster for years to come!

That is a total of 25 Pro Wrestling eXpress sanctioned events for 2015!

The FUTURE is now!!

Announced dates for PWX FUTURES 2015:
Saturday, January 17th
Friday, February 13th
Saturday, April 25th
Saturday, June 13th
Saturday, August 8th
Saturday, October 10th
Saturday, December 5th

All belltimes are 7:30pm! All action takes place at The Wrestleplex (2125 Beacon Street, McKeesport, PA 15132)

Stay tuned for much more info to come!!

Pro Wrestling in Pittsburgh is spelled P-W-X!
THE PWX 100 - ALL TIME TOP 100 IN PWX: 49-30!
November 25th, 2014

#49 - Devil Bhudakahn
Devil was a PWX mainstay for years that had an overall impact in numerous portions of PWX history. It was Devil, along with Scott Venom, Dirk Ciglar, and Super Hentai, who feuded over the first ever Three Rivers Title and it was Devil and the other three men who put the title on the map immediately. The PWX Three Rivers Title became known as a wrestler's title and became more prestigious than even other heavyweight titles in the Pittsburgh area at the time. 15 years later, and the PWX Three Rivers Title is still a highly competitive championship within the promotion.

Devil would also be a part of the infamous Hellfire Club which served as the most hated group in PWX in the early-2000s. As a member of The Hellfire Club, Devil would win the PWL Tag Team Titles (PWL was a PWX affiliate) with partner Shirley Doe in 2000. Devil would go on to win the PWX Tag Team Titles with partner Jake Garrett as the tag team Devil's Advocates in 2006 defeating Da Munchies. Devil also would come full circle with the PWX Three Rivers Title by winning it in 2007 defeating Scottie Gash. Devil's in ring body of work along with his impact in The Hellfire Club and the formation of the PWX Three Rivers Title has made him a lasting figure in PWX history.

#48 - Gregory Iron
Gregory Iron is perhaps the ultimate underdog story in PWX and in pro wrestling in general. Born one month prematurely and weighing one pound at birth, Iron was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, which has left his right arm withered and with extremely limited range of motion. However, this would not hold back Iron from realizing his dream of becoming a professional wrestler and a successful one at that. PWX was one of Iron's first consistent promotions that he worked for early in his career. Iron first came into PWX as one-half of the tag team Iron Justice with partner Matthew Justice. The team would become one of the most popular tag teams in PWX history capturing the titles in 2008. Iron Justice would also compete for the NWA North American Tag Team Titles against then-champions The Wrong Crowd.

After Justice disappeared from PWX and wrestling in general, Iron would have to adjust once again and compete in singles action. Not one to cower from adversity, Iron would prove to be a highly successful singles wrestler in PWX winning the PWX Three Rivers Title in 2009 by defeating JR Mega. Iron would also compete against NWA National Champion Crusher Hansen in a series of matches. Iron has proven that adversity or any type of handicap can hold him down and has never used it as an excuse or crutch. In fact, Iron has excelled in pro wrestling and his time in PWX set the table for his overall success.

#47 - Eric Xtasy
One of the most flamboyant characters in PWX history, Eric Xtasy was a prominent figure in PWX in the late-1990s and again in the mid-2000s. Xtasy would take PWX by storm with partner JT Rodgers as Sexual Harassment. The team was an instant hit with the PWX crowd as their antics entertained and enthralled fans as much as it angered their opponents. While Sexual Harassment did not win the tag team titles, Xtasy showed that he could be a top player in the promotion. That chance came in the mid-2000s as Xtasy would win the PWX Three Rivers Title in 2005 by defeating Chris Taylor. Xtasy would hold the title for over 9 months, a record that would stand for 6 years! Xtasy's dominance as the Three Rivers Champion was an attention grabber and solidfied Xtasy as one of the most popular wrestlers in PWX during the mid-2000s. With such an outrageous character, dominating title reign, immense popularity, and strong microphone presence, Eric Xtasy is certainly one of the more complete wrestlers ever to set foot in a PWX ring.

#46 - Lance Dayton
What If? That is the question that can be asked for each of the next two ranked PWX competitors. Lance Dayton was a product of the PWX Training Academy graduating in the same class as Devin Devine and Chris Taylor. In fact Dayton and Taylor were a tag team known as Rated-X that won the PWX Tag Team Titles in 2003 by beating The Premiere Players. Dayton's style of wrestling is comparable to that of G Raver as he had a complete disregard for his own body, willing to do anything to gain the fan's respect and win a match. Dayton's kamikaze style made him an instant hit with the PWX crowd, but he also was exceptional inside the ring from a wrestling standpoint. He could outfly anyone and he could wrestle with everyone.

Dayton was a part of a group of young stars (Sterling James Keenan [Corey Graves], Devin Devine, Chris Taylor, Justin Idol, CJ Sensation, Dirk Ciglar) that appeared poised to carry the torch for PWX for years to come. In fact, Dayton won the PWX X Title in match against Sterling, Idol, and Axel Law in 2002. Dayton's crowning achievement would come in 2004 when he beat Devin Devine for the PWX Three Rivers Title. It was then that many thought he was destined to win the PWX Heavyweight Title and become one of the best ever in PWX, but Dayton would literally disappear from PWX and pro wrestling in general, leaving the question of 'What If?'

#45 - Orion
The 2nd part of the "What If?" question that has to be asked when it comes to someone that could of easily been ranked inside the Top 20 ever had he stuck it out in a PWX ring. Orion was the complete package and made an immediate impact in PWX by entering a legendary feud with Super Hentai. This feud is still considered one of the best in PWX history and the OMG moments these two created as still talked about today. Orion would win this feud and capture the PWX Three Rivers Title in early 2001. Orion would show that he could compete with the best ever in PWX like Super Hentai, Mad Mike, Quinn Magnum, Dirk Ciglar, Brandon K, and Boomer Payne all in their primes. Orion was tagged as the future of PWX and lived up to that name during the time he was in PWX. But, ultimately, Orion chose the love of another sport over wrestling and then finished what little time he spent in wrestling in a different promotion leaving Orion as the biggest "What If?" question in PWX history.

#44 - The Playa
Big, strong, mean, agile, and tough. The Playa was an elite talent with superior skills who made huge waves in PWX in the late-1990s. Playa spent the majority of his PWX career in The Gentlemen's Club and won the PWX TV Title from Quinn Magnum in September 1998. He would hold the title for over 4 months at a time when PWX was at it's height on their first television run. He currently is the 4th longest reigning champion for that title almost 16 years later. Even though Playa did not a have a long body of work in PWX, he certainly made the most of his time feuding with a virtual who's who of PWX lore. Guys like Quinn Magnum, T Rantula, Boomer Payne, Mad Mike, Sean Evans, Vince Kaplack, Big Poppa Gator, and The Great Samu all found themselves staring across the ring from a man that was as agile and quick as he was big and strong. Playa could beat an opponent in a number of ways evidenced by the fact that his won/loss record is astounding, especially considering the level of competition in PWX in the late-1990s. Playa is perhaps the third straight ranked wrestler in the PWX 100 that the question "What If?" could apply as he seemed destined to hold every title the promotion had to offer if injuries didnt take their toll.

#43 - Super Hentai
The ultimate daredevil in PWX in the late-1990s and early-2000s, Super Hentai laid it all on the line every time he stepped into a PWX ring. His feud against the entire Hellfire Club was one that elevated every single one of the participants into main event caliber performers for the promotion. However, it was Hentai's feud with Orion that made him the hottest wrestler in PWX at that time. Hentai and Orion pushed the limits of what was thought to be impossible in PWX with one high risk performance after another as these two men broke each other's bodies for months and in the process ensured the credibility of the PWX Three Rivers Title.

Super Hentai is a former two time PWX Three Rivers Champion having won the title both times in 2000. He was also the forerunner for the creation of the title as it was he, Dirk Ciglar, Devil Bhudakahn, and Scott Venom who all competed for the title at it's inception. He solidified it's standing with his aforementioned feud with Orion. Super Hentai would return to PWX in 2013 and help his old friend Quinn Magnum in his war versus Legion. Hentai joined Magnum's Revolution and helped the group to victory in the war. Hentai would close out his PWX career in 2014 by competing for the PWX Heavyweight Title held by the man he helped train... Gory!

#42 - Dean Radford
Dean Radford had been coming to PWX events since he was a young teenager and he always vowed to wrestle for and dominate the promotion that he grew up watching live. Indeed, Dean did just that as he finally arrived in PWX in 2011 and dominated from the start. Dean had taken the long road to PWX by competing all over the country for his first years in pro wrestling. Dean would be the man who picked the monster Shane Taylor above his head and hit his finisher on the big man, instantly gaining the respect and cheers of the PWX fans. Dean is one of a very select few to gain the upperhand on the monster Taylor.

Radford would win the PWX Three Rivers Title in 2012 from Chris LeRusso and not look back as he would become the longest reigning Three Rivers Champion in it's 14 year history, holding the title for nearly 10 months. Opponent after opponent climbed into the ring against Dean and he sent them all home a loser. The man simply could not be beat over the course of nearly a full year. Radford would also win the PWX Tag Team Titles with partner The Beast in 2013 as the duo just decimated any team in their path. Dean would be a part of the group The Revolution as it waged a violent war against the group Legion in 2013 as well. Dean Radford's dominance in a time when PWX's level of competition was at it's highest in over a decade is even more impressive when presented in that context. Dean will go down as one of the most dominant forces in PWX history.

#41 - Shane Taylor
Devastating. That word alone describes the monster that is Shane Taylor. Taylor not only beat opponents. He destroyed them. Taylor is the highest ranked wrestler in the PWX 100 that never held a title in the promotion. He didnt need to. Shane Taylor laid a path of destruction perhaps never witnessed in the history of PWX. Shane Taylor was a big man with an even bigger temper and he did not back down from anyone.He too it upon himself to seek out the men that were considered the toughest and the meanest in PWX history and fought them to prove just how bad he was. Taylor's feud with Mad Mike was violent and one of the hardest hitting feuds ever in PWX. His feuds with Dean Radford and Jack Pollock may well have been just as violent.

But, it was his months long feud with the battle tested Quinn Magnum that proved just how good Shane was. The two men would practically tear down The Wrestleplex waging war against one another culminating into one of the most violent and vicious matches in recent memory in PWX as these two bulls just tore into each other for over 15 minutes. In the end, both men gained respect for one another and Shane Taylor took his place as one of the true monsters in the history of PWX...

#40 - JR Mega
PWX's all-time rankings now moves into the Top 40 wrestlers ever with one of the new generation PWX wrestlers leading the way. JR Mega is one of the more athletic competitors in PWX history, able to perform moves and acts that most men half his size could not do. Mega is the son of PWX owner Jim Miller but wanted to distinguish himself on his own merit. He wanted to prove that he could earn his way in PWX and climbed the ladder of competition for years, finally achieving huge success in the promotion. Mega would win the NWA North American Tag Team Titles with partner Ashton Amherst as Team Mega and this would prove to show Mega's ability to compete against anyone.

Mega would also win the PWX Three Rivers Title defeating Dash Bennett in 2008 and would hold the title for nearly six months before losing it to Gregory Iron. This title reign put Mega on the map as a true contender and main event caliber wrestler in PWX. Mega would also win the PWX TV Title after a grueling months-long feud with then champion Bobby Beverly, defeating Beverly in May 2014. Mega would finish off the summer of 2014 by winning the prestigious annual Sean "Shocker" Evans Memorial Tournament. JR Mega spent the majority of his PWX career hearing the jeers of the crowd, but it was his turning on the group Legion against The Revolution in their war that saw the demise of Legion and rising of Mega as a true fan favorite. Since that time, Mega has become one of the most popular wrestlers in PWX.

#39 - Klubber Korbelic
One of the most underrated wrestlers in the history of PWX, the 400+ lb. Klubber Korbelic performed two of the more prolific characters ever in PWX. Klubber got his start in wrestling as a teenager named Country Boy Chris and formed a highly successful and popular tag team with Big Poppa Gator named the Giant Hillbillies. The Hillbillies would win the PWX Tag Team Titles in 1996 before losing them to Stevie Richards and The Blue Meanie. The duo's feud with the young Stix N Stones (Quinn Magnum and Crusher Hansen) helped put the PWX tag team scene in the forefront of the entire area. These two teams would feud with each other for months as it seemed fans could not get enough of this war. Country Boy Chris was a good natured man who eventually became jaded at constantly being pushed to the backburner with the final straw being Boomer Payne taking his spot as Gator's partner. Thus Klubber Korbelic was born!

Klubber Korbelic would proclaim that he was the sexiest man in PWX posing to the crowd and strutting his stuff... all 400 lbs. of it! Klubber was as powerful as anyone ever in PWX, but the man could go inside the ring. He showed incredible stamina for a big man and was as strong at the 20 minute mark as he was at the beginning of a match. This made Klubber very hard to defeat. Klubber would also win the PWL Tag Team Titles (a PWX affiliate) with partner Guido Corleone in 2000. The team was as powerful as any seen in PWX. Klubber was in line to challenge for the PWX and PWL Heavyweight Titles before health issues cut his career short. However, Klubber Korbelic will always be remembered as one of the best PWX!

#38 - Patrick Hayes
The man would leave many opponents "Hazed and Confused", as his entry into PWX in the late-2000s was modest, but his rise to the top of the promotion was anything but! Hayes is an in-ring general able to wrestle with anyone. He can brawl with anyone. He can highfly with anyone. He can entertain with anyone. Patrick Hayes had transformed himself into a complete wrestler who showed the incredible ability to change his gameplan at a moments notice and succeed at an alarming pace. Hayes would win the PWX Tag Team Titles with partner Ashton Amherst in 2008 and then go on the same year and win the PWX Brass Knuckles Title for the first time. Hayes would win his second PWX Brass Knuckles Title against Jon Burton a year later in 2009. But, Hayes crowning achievement came in 2010 when he defeated his former partner Ashton Amherst for the PWX Heavyweight Title. Hayes' popularity exploded from the point he won the heavyweight title and never looked back, becoming one of the most loved wrestlers ever in PWX!

#37 - Guido Corleone
The power man that could hit a powerbomb from anywhere was one of the most successful wrestlers in PWX in the late-1990s and early-2000s. Guido Corleone was a man of few words, but capable of incredible feats of strength inside the ring. He was a cornerstone of every group he was a part of acting as the enforcer. Guido has held many titles in PWX as wearing gold around his waist became a common sight. Guido won the PWX TV Title against Bubba The Bulldog in 1999. He then won the PWX Heavyweight Title in 2000 in a match that featured a virtual who's who in PWX (Brandon K, Paul Atlas, Big Poppa Gator, and Vince Kaplack) outlasting each man for the gold. Guido wouldnt stop there as he would win the the PWL Tag Team Titles (a PWX affiliate) two times in 2000 as well. The first was with partner Jimmy Anjel and the second with partner Klubber Korbelic. Guido Corleone would also win the PWX Three Rivers Title two times 6 years apart. His first PWX Three Rivers Title win came in 2001 and the second title win came in 2007. Guido's 6 title wins, 5 of which came in a two year span, showed just what kind of dominance the strong man had in PWX history securing his spot in the Top 40 ever!

#36 - Daron Smythe
The very definition of hard work paying off, Daron Smythe worked his way from a tag team specialist to a successful singles competitor to heavyweight champion. Daron Smythe first arrived in PWX as 1/2 of the team Premiere Players with partner Dash Bennett. The team would win the PWX Tag Team Titles an astounding 3 times, all three times in 2002. They ruled PWX and the year in tag team wrestling. Most would call that a successful career, but Daron wanted another challenge... singles wrestling.

Daron would prove to be even more successful as a singles wrestler winning the PWX Three Rivers Title 2 times the last one coming in 2003 defeating Dirk Ciglar for the title. Daron would also win the PWX Brass Knuckles Title in 2004 as he also feuded with the devastating Tyrone Evans in which Daron was the only person who could seem to get the better of Evans. Daron would win the PWX Heavyweight Title in 2006 thus culminating his journey to the top of the promotion. Daron's hard work and dedication had paid off and he would go down as one of the best PWX has seen grabbing a grand total of 7 titles in his time in PWX!

#35 - Scott Venom
A referee, a vampire, a commissioner, and a self-proclaimed emperor, Scott Venom wore many hats in PWX, but was one of the most entertaining people to ever set foot into a PWX ring as well as one of the most successful. Venom was inducted into the PWX Circle Of Respect as a result of his contributions to the promotion and will forever be remembered for his time as "Emperor Of PWX". Venom was outrageous in this role whic resulted in some of the most entertaining moments ever in PWX. But Venom's in-ring performance is what solidified his standing as one of the best ever in PWX. Venom would hold the PWX Tag Team Titles 4 times! His first title win came with partner Axel Law in 2001. His second title reign came in 2003 with partner JB Destiny in 2003 as the defeated Rated X (Lance Dayton and Chris Taylor). Venom's third and fourth title wins came in 2004 with partner All Business Brant. Venom would also win the PWL Tag Team Titles (a PWX affiliate) 2 times with partner Dirk Ciglar in 2000.

Venom would win the PWX Brass Knuckles 3 times defeating Tyrone Evans for the title in 2005 and then won it two more times in 2006 defeating Sam "The Hammer" Slej both times. Venom would also win the PWX TV Title defeating Orion in 2000. Scott also was the first ever PWX Three Rivers champion in 1999 thus helping shape the title and pave the way for it's success for the past 15 years! Scott Venom would also win the AWC Heavyweight Title (a PWX affiliate) in what would become his first and only heavyweight championship and his last in PWX before a severe eye injury would cut his career short. Scott Venom's final title count? 12! 12 titles won by Scott Venom in his decade of incredible service in PWX! Only a PWX Heavyweight Title win eluded him and securing a definite spot in the Top 20!

#34 - Shirley Doe
The madman Shirley Doe is one of the most complex characters ever in PWX. He is also one of the most effective leaders having led the destructive group known as The Hellfire Club as well as other groups of evil. Doe is someone who does not follow. He is a leader. Doe has known who to align with, who to attack, and how to do it. He is someone who does not stop until his quest is done and will not relent. Doe won his first title in PWX in 1998 when he won the PWX TV Title from Bubba The Bulldog. He then won the PWL Tag Team Titles (a PWX affiliate) in 2000 with partner Devil Bhudakahn and also won the PWX Triple Jeopardy Title in 2000 defeating Mad Mike and Scott Venom in the match.

Doe also went on to win the PWX Tag Team Titles on 3 occasions, twice with partner Apollyon in 2011 defeating Excellence Personified (Brandon K and Scottie Gash) and in 2012 defeating The Mon Valley Monsters (Gator and The Beast). The third tag team title reign came with partner Fan Guy as Doe carried the team to victory for the titles in 2013. Shirley Doe's vicious feuds with Chris Taylor, Mad Mike, Quinn Magnum, and most recently Ryan Reign has shown just brutal and evil he can be and his ability to get others to do his bidding has proven that Doe is a true impact player in PWX history!

#33 - Ryan Reign
One of the best in ring performers ever in PWX, Ryan Reign has made his mark in PWX in a big way. Reign's body of work in the promotion is quite impressive as he has climbed to the top of the PWX world and showcased himself as a true blue chipper. Reign got his start in PWX as the partner of Robert Parker Williams in the team Golden Reign. Golden Reign would go on to win the PWX Tag Team Titles 2 times in 2010 defeating Da Munchies and The Mon Valley Monsters.

Reign would then decide to go into singles competition and he immediately proved he would be a success by climbing into the ring with the top stars of the time like Ashton Amherst, Ryan Mitchell, Chris Taylor, and Stryder. Reign would win the PWX Heavyweight Title in 2012 defeating Stryder. Having reached the pinnacle of PWX, Reign would hold onto the title for over 9 months and become the 4th longest reigning heavyweight champion in PWX history. Ryan Reign has heard both the cheers and jeers from the PWX crowd and is one of only a handful of wrestlers that could be considered both the most hated and most loved wrestlers in PWX history!

#32 - Ryan Mitchell
Dynamic. That is one term that describes Ryan Mitchell as he was a true commanding presence every time he stepped into a PWX ring. Controversial. That is another term that describes Ryan Mitchell as he was never a person to abide by rules and was an outspoken individual who let his feelings be known. Showstealer: That is yet another term that describes Ryan Mitchell as every time he wrestled a match in PWX, his goal was to steal the show by putting out the best match of the night.

Ryan Mitchell arrived on the scene in the late-2000s and made an immediate impact, becoming an instant fan favorite who was capable of throwing the promotion onto his back and carrying it. Mitchell won the PWX Three Rivers Title in 2010 defeating Dash Bennett and he would win the PWX Heavyweight Title in 2011 defeating his best friend Chris Taylor after a long feud between the two men. Mitchell would also win the prestigious Sean "Shocker" Evans Memorial Tournament in 2009 defeating Robert Parker Williams, JR Mega, and Patrick Hayes to gain the huge win. Ryan Mitchell has all the tools a wrestler strives to have and he showcased those tools show in and show out in PWX with huge results, becoming one of the best PWX has ever seen. A longer heavyweight title reign would have secured Mitchell into the Top 25, but an injury just after winning the title ended up costing him the title.

#31 - Nikita Allanov
This ranking is sure to stir the pot as there were members of the committee who ranked the Russian inside their Top 10 and 15 while others did not. The average of all the committee members landed Nikita Allanov at #31 making him one of the best in PWX history. Nikita got his start in PWX as Jefferson Allan and would struggle to break out of the preliminary matches on a card. However, Jefferson would stack on muscle, denounce America and embrace old school Russia, develop a mean streak, and thus Nikita Allanov was born.

Nikita was no stranger to PWX gold as he would win the PWX Brass Knuckles Title 4 times, three times in 2002 alone and once again in 2005. Nikita would also win the PWX Three Rivers Title in 2005 defeating Chris Taylor and would win the PWX Tag Team Titles in 2006. But Nikita's crowning moments came when he won the PWX Heavyweight Title on 2 occasions, the first in 2003 when he defeated Crusher Hansen and again in 2004 when he bested Justin Idol for the title win.
Nikita Allanov would win 8 titles in PWX and would go down as one of the toughest and meanest wrestlers in PWX history...

#30 - Ashton Amherst
He wasnt lucky, he was just that good! Ashton Amherst was a true egotistical character played perfectly as his top level microphone skills set him apart from virtually everyone else in PWX at that time. Ashton Amherst was the most hated man in PWX for years and would literally make huge fan favorites out of anyone that wrestled against him. Physically gifted and well aware of it, Ashton would flaunt himself to everyone and would then also talk his way into a fight, but would then be able to back it up in the ring.

Ashton would win the PWX Tag-Team Titles in 2008 with partner Patrick Hayes and then win the PWX Brass Knuckles 2 times, once in 2009 and again in 2012 defeating his long time partner JR Mega. Ashton would also win the NWA North American Tag Team Titles with partner JR Mega, but his top moments in PWX came with his 2 PWX Heavyweight Title wins. The first came in 2009 when he defeated Scottie Gash for the title and the second came in 2010 when he defeated Dash Bennett. Ashton Amherst was a game changer and is a fitting person to break the PWX 100 best of all time into the Top 30 ever!
THE PWX 100 - ALL TIME TOP 100 IN PWX: 69-50!
November 20th, 2014

#69 - Bobby Shields
Bobby Shields was an in ring general who became hugely popular in PWX in the mid-2000s and again in the early-2010s. Teaming with partner Chris LeRusso as The Steel City Saints, Shields at first heard the jeers of the PWX crowd, but once the team split and Shields entered a feud with LeRusso, Bobby's popularity sky-rocketed. Shields would prove to be one of the most skilled wrestlers in PWX in the mid-2000s and in 2008, he captured the PWX Three Rivers Title by defeating former 5-time Three Rivers Champion Dash Bennett. Shields would go to face and defeat numerous PWX stars at the time and become a top contender in the promotion. Shields has since gone on to travel the country and win championships in many promotions, but he certainly made a lasting impression in PWX!

#68 - Spyral
Spyral was a young man who traveled from New York to Pittsburgh for a tryout in PWX just hours before a Burgh Brawl event in the early-2000s. There were 25 wrestlers who did the tryout. Spyral was one of four that were used in PWX (Chris LeRusso was another). In fact he made the card that night! From that tryout on, Spyral took PWX by storm for the next 2+ years winning the PWX Three Rivers Title in match against Chris Taylor and Justin Idol (5 PWX Heavyweight Titles between them). Spyral's offense was simliar to that of current PWX phenom G-Raver in that he would sacrifice his body to gain an advantage, win, or crowd reaction. Speaking of crowd reaction, Spyral would receive several standing ovations for his efforts and become popular beyond anyone's expectations. Spyral would eventually exit PWX after signing a developmental deal with a WWE territory and unfortunately suffer a catastrophic injury. However, Spyral's time in PWX could only be described as a major impact!

#67 - Sabotage
Sabotage was one of the other select few to impress at the same tryout mentioned in Spyral's ranking. Sabotage packed a giant's punch in a small body and would work his way to the top of the PWX ladder with hard work and determination eventually capturing the PWX Brass Knuckles Title in 2006 against Wes Draven in the finals of a tournament. Sabotage faced and defeated former PWX Heavyweight Champions like Chris Taylor, Nikita Allanov, Justin Idol, Bigg, and Devin Devine which goes a long way to support this ranking. But it has even more to do with the fact that Sabotage was a true PWX underdog who proved that heart and determination can take someone a long way. There were several underdog stories in PWX history and Sabotage is certainly one of the best!

#66 - Troy Lords
A no nonsense wrestler with a mean streak a mile long, Troy Lords walked into PWX in 2009 and turned on PWX Brass Knuckles Champion Jonathan Burton to win the title. Immediate impact. Lords would go on to win the Brass Knuckles Title a second time against Scottie Gash in 2011. He would also win the PWX Tag Team Titles against Quinn Magnum and T. Rantula in 2013. Lords also competed in and won the grueling Contenders Series in which 8 competitors wrestled against one another for several months facing elimination until one man was left standing. Troy Lords was that man. Lords also created the controversial Initiative 51 that included members Ganon Jones Jr and Cassidy Stone. In the group, Lords blamed PWX for his being held back and would proceed to attack anyone Lords perceived to be against him.

#65 - Dick Trimmins
One-half of Da Munchies, one of the most popular and successful tag teams in PWX history, Dick Trimmins was a very large man (350 lbs.) who, with partner Sheiky Abdul Hassan, would throw out their signature twinkies to the PWX fans. Trimmins would win the PWX Tag Team Titles on two occasions with one reign lasting over 7 months. Da Munchies feud with Quinn Magnum and Brandon K was one of the top feuds in PWX in 2005. Trimmins and Sheiky could very well be the best tag team in PWX history as they were a team that dominated a division that was at one of its strongest points all-time in PWX. Their popularity and impact in PWX is undeniable and they could very well be the highest ranked tag team specialists in the rankings!

#64 - "Sheiky" Abdul Hassan
One-half of Da Munchies tag team with partner Dick Trimmins that captured the PWX Tag Team Titles on two occasions, one reign lasting over seven months. Sheiky and Trimmins feuded with Quinn Magnum and Brandon K in 2005 as one of the top feuds in PWX that year and also had memorable matches against The Tri Chis. Da Munchies could very well be the best and most popular tag team in PWX history and deservedly so as they dominated during a time in PWX tag team wrestling that featured several top teams. Sheiky only gets the nod in the rankings over his partner Dick Trimmins because he made a few singles appearances in PWX as well, but at the end of the day, Da Munchies certainly will forever be remembered in PWX!

#63 - Jon Burton
Jon Burton was a local TV sportscaster who decided to tackle the world of professional wrestling. Burton would go on to have a highly successful run in PWX winning the PWX Brass Knuckles Title on 2 occasions defeating Ashton Amherst the first time and Patrick Hayes for the second title win. Burton was a well put together individual who used his power to cary him to many huge wins in PWX beating several former heavyweight champions and climbing his way to top contention in PWX for over two straight years. Burton's presence in PWX gave the promotion some mainstream credibility as Burton was a known local figure who drew new fans to the promotion. Jon Burton's career was only cut short because of a move to Tennessee, otherwise he very well could of added more championship gold to his resume. Burton made a lasting impact and legacy in PWX and is one of the biggest success stories in the company's history.

#62 - Chris Hero
Before he traveled the world and signed with the WWE, Chris Hero gained his first valuable experience inside a PWX ring. From early on, Hero would dazzle PWX crowds with his ability and his total disregard for his own body. Chris Hero would feud with some of the best PWX has ever had to offer and came out on top against that competition numerous times. Hero did not win any titles in his time in PWX but he certainly made his mark in the promotion. Even as he began to gain notoriety throughout the country, Hero continued to make waves in PWX and thus brought attention the promotion. Hero made a lasting impact in PWX and several of his matches still rank as some of the best in PWX history.

#61 - Sam "Hammer" Slej
Hammer was 1/2 of the fun loving tag team known as The Tri Chi Fraternity that captured the PWX Tag Team Titles in 2004. Hammer and his partner QB Blitzz were two big men who loved to have a good time and party, but could carry a mean streak that wuld spell the end of many opponents. The Tri Chis were one of the most popular teams ever in PWX. But Hammer's success does not end there. Hammer would also achieve success in a singles career in PWX winning the PWX Brass Knuckles Title on two occasions defeating Devil Bhudakahn and Scott Venom for the title wins. Hammer is widely considered to be one f the most powerful wrestlers in PWX history as he would perform incredible feats of strength including bodyslamming the 500 lb. Kid Cupid. Hammer also would win one of the special Ray Mendez Memorial Tournaments thus cementing his status as one of the top singles wrestlers in PWX in the mid-2000s.

#60 - Cory K
The "little" brother of Brandon K and cousin to Vince Kaplack, the nearly 7-foot-tall Cory K would achieve a great level of success in PWX thus living up to the Kaplack name. Cory would have memorable feuds with his own brother Brandon K and also with fellow big man Quinn Magnum. Cory K would win the PWL Heavyweight Title (a PWX affiliate) from Bigg in 1999 and would enter into a violent and bloody feud with is brother Brandon K over the title. Cory would also win the PWX Tag Team Titles with partner Big Poppa Gator in 2001 as part of the first incarnation of The Mon Valley Monsters. Cory K would also be a member of the infamous group America's Most Hated with Boomer Payne and Crusher Hansen. The trio would terrorize PWX for over a year and would feud with Quinn Magnum, Mad Mike, Samu, Super Hentai, and Brandon K to name a few.

#59 - Jason Cage
A former 2-time PWX Brass Knuckles Champion and a former PWX TV Champion, Jason Cage made his mark on PWX over the course of several years competing in the promotion. Cage captured his fist Brass Knuckles Title in a thee way dance match against Gregory Iron and Troy Lords in 2009. Cage would go on to win his second Brass Knuckles Title in another three way dance against Devin Devine and Troy Lords in 2010. In 2013, Jason Cage became the first person in over 12 years to become the PWX TV Champion after winning the months long "Best In Pittsburgh" competition that featured Gory, Brandon K, Chris Taylor, Chris LeRusso, "Steel City Prodigy" Ryan Mitchell, amongst others. The winner of the competition became the new tv champion with PWX once again developing it's own television show. Cage would defend the title numerous times before finally losing it to Bobby Beverly.

#58 - Tyrone Evans
It was all about impact with Tyrone Evans. He would be a part of PWX for just 2 years, but was one of the most physically dominating and intense individuals in the history on the promotion. Evans would dismantle opponent after opponent reaching a win streak that lasted almost a year! Tyrone Evans would also win the PWX Brass Knuckles Title in April 2005 against Daron Smythe continiung his huge winning streak. Smythe and Evans feud would last for a few months as Smythe was able to launch successful attacks against the dominant Evans. Tyrone Evans may not have held as many titles as others and may not have been in the promotion for an extended period of time, but his impact in the promotion is undeniable. Evans would go on to become an original part of the Nexus group (as Michael Tarver) that laid waste to WWE's Monday Night RAW a few years back, but one would have to refer back to Evans' path of destruction in PWX as a launching pad for his meteoric rise....

#57 - Bobby Beverly
The Bev is a story of two parts in PWX. When Beverly had his first run in PWX, it was as a tag team specialist in the team The Franchise Players with partner Jon Kronica. Even though Kronica was the veteran and Beverly the younger wrestler in the team, Beverly showed that he had a bright future in wrestling as the duo was a able to win the PWX Tag Team Titles against Ashton Amherst and Patrick Hayes in 2009. Beverly proved that he could go toe-to-toe with anyone in PWX. Beverly would not appear in PWX again until 2012, but this time was a proven veteran. His impact was immediate as he would face and defeat the top ranked wrestlers in the promotion working his way into title contention. Beverly would win the PWX TV Title from Jason Cage in 2013 and would go on to become the longest reigning TV Title holder in the history of PWX at over 8 months. Title defense after title defense Beverly would be successful in maintaining a death grip on the championship. Beverly's feud with JR Mega over the title would last for months and be one of the top feuds of this year(2014).

#56 - Tanner Reynolds
One of the more controversial wrestlers in the history of PWX, Tanner Reynolds truly worked his to the top of the promotion without worrying about who he offended or irritated. Tanner was an outspoken character who said what was on his mind but was able to back it up in the ring. Devious and cunning, Tanner knew exactly what he was doing at all times being able to elicit reactions he desired from both fans and wrestlers alike. A product of the PWX Training Academy and then continuing his training under the tutelage of Nick Dinsmore, Tanner started out as the man servant for Robert Parker Williams under the name Terry Ring. But it didnt take for Tanner to expand his horizons and begin his controversial impact in PWX. Tanner would win the PWX Brass Knuckles Title in 2011 at the 17th Anniversary Event and first night in the new PWX Wrestleplex by pinning Scottie Gash. The win was secured by controversial means and thus began Tanner's true "wrong side of the tracks" persona and eventually into "America's Most Hated". Tanner would go on to win the PWX Three Rivers Title by defeating Crusher Hansen, Scottie Gash, and Brandon K in a four way dance. He would also compete several times for the PWX Heavyweight Title. In the end, Tanner Reynolds' charisma and ability on a microphone as well as his willingness to go over the line, made him a highly impactful wrestler and one of the more polarizing figures in PWX history.

#55 - The Beast
Ron "The Beast" Williams is was an extremely powerful wrestler who coupled that with a short fuse that propelled him into numerous PWX Championships. In the mid-1990s The Beast was a top contender for the PWX Heavyweight Title feuding with guys like Sean Evans, Vince Kaplack, Paul Atlas, BA Briggs, and Brian Anthony. The Beast would also capture the PWX Tag Team Titles with JB Destiny in 1996 which would the first of several tag team title reigns. The Beast would leave PWX before returning in 2010 to form the devasting team of The Mon Valley Monsters with Big Poppa Gator. The Monsters would win the PWX Tag Team Titles in convincing fashion against then champions Travis Fame and Apollyon in May 2010. The Monsters would win a second PWX Tag Team Title in 2011 defeating The Hansen Brothers sending Tony Hansen out of PWX for good. The Beast would capture his fourth PWX Tag Team Championship with Dean Radford by defeating Shirley Doe and Fan Guy, destroying Fan Guy in the process. The Beast also was a member of The Revolution with fellow allies Dean Radford, Quinn Magnum, T. Rantula, Brandon K, and Matthew Justice. The Revolution wreaked havoc on PWX during 2013 leaving a path of destruction second to none while feuding with the infamous Legion group.

#54 - CJ Sensation
A risk-taking high-flyer that astounded fans in the early to mid-2000s in PWX, CJ Sensation would win three singles championships in PWX. His first title win came under a mask as he would win the Triple Jeopardy Title (a title that was only won and defended in three way dances) in 2000. Sensation would then go on to win the PWX X Title in 2002 by defeating Lance Dayton. CJ's final title win came in the form of the PWX Three Rivers Title in 2011 at the end of his in-ring career. CJ Sensation was a product of the PWX Training Academy and was clearly on his way to main event status in PWX until he suffered a broken neck in a amtch outside PWX. At the time, Sensation was in a red hot feud with Justin Idol over the PWX Three Rivers Title. Remarkably, CJ came back from the broken neck to pick up where he left off.... wrestling and defeating top talent in PWX and contending for championships. CJ's time in PWX has proven to feature some great matches, feuds, and moments as his impact in PWX helped pave the way for numerous other highflyers into the promotion.

#53 - Matthew Justice
Matthew Justice was an ultra-popular wrestler who spent time in the promotion on two different levels. Justice first appeared in PWX in the late-2000s as a part of the highly successful tag team Iron Justice with Gregory Iron. The duo would win the PWX Tag Team Titles in 2008 and also wrestle for the NWA North American Tag Team Championships on several occasions while in PWX. Justice would return to the promotion in 2013 and quickly become a main player in the promotion winning the PWX Three Rivers Title against Tanner Reynolds. Justice would also be a part of the popular group The Revolution as they battled the infamous Legion group. Justice ranks as one of the more popular wrestlers in the history of PWX and thus earns the ranking of almost making the Top 50 ever!

#52 - Shark Boy
Although the well known Shark Boy was only a part of PWX for a year, he made quite the impact as well as delivering a name cache to the promotion as Shark Boy was really a hot ticket while in PWX. Shark Boy certainly proved to be popular with PWX fans and his feud with Crusher Hansen was one of the top in PWX in 2000. Shark Boy would also win the PWX TV Title on two occasions in 2000, thus cementing a huge impact level in the promotion. Shark Boy has certainly risen to the highest levels over the years, but his time in PWX is remembered as one of impact, quality, and entertaining with his matches against Vince Kaplack considered classics inside PWX.

#51 - Shane Douglas
"The Franchise" was in his prime when he made his appearances in PWX. Shane Douglas' first appearance in PWX came when he was brought in by Notorious Norm for his NNWO faction to face JB Destiny. Destiny was the top draw in PWX at the time and was adored by fans like no other. The match between Destiny and Douglas lasted nearly 25 minutes and is widely thought to be one of the (if not the) best match in PWX history. Douglas' appearance was a surprise and began an era that saw many surprise appearances by well known wrestlers and as a result saw PWX become the top draw in Pittsburgh wrestling by a longshot. Shane Douglas would return a couple years later for an extended stay as his return saw him attack Rage members Quinn Magnum, Mad Mike, and The Great Samu. Douglas would quickly become a top contender for the PWX Heavyweight Title and would win the title by defeating Big Poppa Gator in June of 1999 just before he left ECW for WCW. Shane Douglas and The Great Samu's feud was a defining moment in PWX history as the promotion began to gain attention from outside Pittsburgh and even led a to working deal locally with the WWE. Douglas' impact in PWX is immeasurable in terms of giving the promotion legitimacy on a higher level in pro wrestling.

#50 - Robert Parker Williams
RPW was a sadistic and pompous character that felt as though he was above everyone. He would employ a man servant and wash his hands each time he had to interact with PWX fans. RPW was so hated by PWX fans that he caused three riots during live events. RPW was highly successful wrestler in PWX and is truely deserving of being the first man ranked inside the Top 50 ever in PWX. It takes a special breed of wrestler to qualify as one of the top 50 of all-time in PWX and RPW belongs right there. RPW is a three time PWX Tag Team Champion having held the titles twice in 2010 with partner Ryan Reign as Golden Reign. He also won the titles in 2013 with partner Dash Bennett as The Greatest American Villains. RPW would also win the PWX Brass Knuckles Title in 2011 defeating Mad Mike. RPW also won the PWX Three Rivers Title in 2011 at the 17th Anniversary Show. With a total of 5 title wins, RPW is a decorated star of PWX and a great way to kick off the Top 50 in PWX all-time!
November 12th, 2014
With the 20th anniversary show coming up in just 17 days, PWX is pleased to announce 2 big matches for our largest show of the year. And 1 BIG announcement concerning our main event Saturday.

First will be a PWX title match and our main event, Chris LeRusso will take on Gory! Gory lost his PWX Heavyweight title after LeRusso cashed in his Golden Ticket, but not before dropping Ganon Jones, Jr. on his head in one of PWX's ultimate screw jobs. Now Gory wants his revenge.

The second match is Brandon K putting his career and streak on the line against Jack Pollock. Pollock has been calling himself the measuring stick at PWX, but can he stand tall when the lights are the brightest?


Saturday will see LeRusso take on Brandon K for the Heavyweight Title. If LeRusso wins, Brandon's career will be over and Jack Pollock will receive another match against suitable competition.

But if Brandon K wins the title this Saturday? Pollock vs K will be OUR MAIN EVENT! Gory and LeRusso will still battle even WITHOUT the title on the line.

You HAVE to be there Saturday the 15th to find out what will be the main event of the biggest wrestling show in PWX history!
THE PWX 100 - ALL TIME TOP 100 IN PWX: 84-70!
November 12th, 2014

#84 - Jimmy Nutts

Jimmy Nutts may not have held a title in PWX, but he was the first ever FUTURES Cup Winner defeating former PWX Heavyweight Champion Ryan Reign in the finals. Nutts only competed in PWX for parts of two years, but was a very popular wrestler with PWX fans and able to defeat many of the top guys in PWX history as a result. Nutts was well on his way to title contention for any title in PWX, but ended up departing from PWX and suffering a catastrophic injury recently that he is still recovering from.

#83 - Jay Flash
Like Jimmy Nutts, Jay Flash is one of only three FUTURES Cup Winners. Like Jimmy Nutts, Jay Flash was one of the top young lions in PWX appearing as though he would contend for any title in PWX. Like Jimmy Nutts, Flash defeated numerous top opponents that PWX had to offer. And, like Jimmy Nutts, Jay Flash departed from PWX just as he was becoming a contender and suffered a huge injury. The reasons why Jay Flash is ranked one spot above Jimmy Nutts? Jay Flash nearly won the PWX Heavyweight Title in his one title shot and scored more impressive wins in his time in PWX....

#82 - Kingdom James
Kingdom James started his PWX career known as Big Daddy Adams and was one-half of a top PWX Tag Team, with partner The Black Cat, called Harm's Way. Adams and Cat did not win the PWX Tag Team Titles, but did score victories against such all time top PWX Tag Teams like Stix N Stones (Quinn Magnum & Crusher Hansen), the Xtreme Militia (Boomer Payne & Major Agony), The Giant Hillbillies (Big Poppa Gator & Klubber Korbelic), and The Usual Suspects (JB Destiny & Dennis Gregory).

Kingdom James would go on to capture the PWX Tag Team Titles on two occasions. The first was with partner Bigg, known together as Unstoppable, defeating The Kaplacks. The second title win was with the unusual partner Shawn Patrick(#100) as they defeated the team of Paul Atlas and Lou Marconi for the title win.

James was also an accomplished singles wrestler in PWX having feuded with some of the top wrestlers in PWX history. KIngdom James was a brash wrestler who was one of the best ever in PWX on a microphone able to cause near riots with his mouth. Sometimes, that same mouth presented a bad situation for James, but his in ring techincal skill and surprising highflying ability allowed him to back it up...

#81 - Payton Graham
Payton Graham is a current PWX competitor who has enjoyed huge success in the tag team division and has been a part of some of the best groups in recent years for PWX, most notably the infamous group Legion. Graham's most recent feud with Matt Conard has put Payton into a good position as far as singles are concerned.

Payton is a three time PWX Tag Team Champion with three different partners. His first title win came with Sean Dahmer as the duo defeated Excellence Personified (Brandon K & Scottie Gash). He also won the titles as a member of Legion and finally with partner Ethan Wright in late 2013. Graham's dominance in the tag team division over the past three years has truly made him an asset to the groups he has been a part of. Graham is a big man standing at 6'3" and weighing in at 285 lbs. and has begun to use that size in singles matches showing a real mean streak recently destroying the wrestler known as Fan Guy.

#80 - The Black Cat
One of the PWX original wrestlers dating back 20 years, The Black Cat was a big guy (6'4", 255 lbs.) that could beat you in a tag team or singles. The Black Cat achieved success in PWX having won the PWX Tag Team Titles with Paul Atlas against The Beast and JB Destiny in 1996. The Black Cat also won the PWX North American Title (a precursor to the PWX TV and Three Rivers Titles) by defeating Dennis Gregory, also in 1996. The Black Cat was also a part of the tag team Harm's Way with Kingdom James. This was a time when PWX's tag team division was at it's strongest and Harm's Way was right in the midst of contention. Ultimately, The Black Cat would depart PWX, but will always be considered a part of the core PWX wrestlers who paved the way for 20 years of PWX wrestling!

#79 - Kid Cupid
Arguably the most entertaining character is PWX history, the nearly 500lb Kid Cupid could be seen in PWX for a decade wearing an all pink singlet with a giant red heart on his posterior. You knew you were not going to get a five star match out of Kid Cupid, but you were going to be entertained!

Kid Cupid's exploits are too numerous to mention, but some of the highlights include: dog food eating matches, falling off of an entranceway, thinking he is a superhero when he puts a pink mask on, 5 minute "ironman" match, hitting a second rope splash on the wrong side of the ring and landing on no-one, getting stuck under the bottom rope for two matches, attempting to build his own set for his "Love Shack" segment (which kept getting destroyed every event), getting stuck in a chair while watching a match, being thrown off of the filming of dvds and trying to sneak his way onto camera, flirting with every valet PWX had during his time there, flirting with male wrestlers with long hair that he thought were women, shaking his 'booty' with fans, wrestlers, referees etc., exposing BC Steele by taking his gear bag revealing women's underwear and bras, falling off the ring to the floor, etc., etc..

Kid Cupid did win three titles in PWX during his time here as he captured the PWX No Barriers Title on two occasions. The PWX No Barriers Title was a championship that was geared towards young wrestlers. Kid Cupid also won the PWX Tag Team Titles with partner Bigg as The Program. Kid Cupid will forever be remembered in PWX for his craziness and that deserves this ranking in The PWX 100!

#78 - Ganon Jones, Jr.
The first of two PWX rookies who have made an immediate impact in the promotion, Ganon Jones, Jr. has spent his first year in PWX climbing the level of contention in blazing speed. Standing at 6'6" and weighing 285 lbs., Ganon has referred to himself as the new monster in PWX and he has certainly lived up to that name. In just a year, Ganon has taken on and defeated some of the best PWX has had to offer. Ganon scored a huge victory in a months long feud with what many call the measuring stick in PWX in Brandon K. Ganon has also won the PWX Three Rivers Title, but handed it over to Chris LeRusso when his mentor demanded it. Ganon also appeared poised to win the PWX Heavyweight Title from Gory until LeRusso interfered. If Ganon Jones, Jr. was able to make such an impact in his first year in PWX, just imagine what the future holds for this true franchise player that the PWX Training Academy has put out!! The future of PWX may just very well run through Ganon Jones Jr!

#77 - Cassidy Stone
The second of the two PWX rookies who has taken PWX by storm, Cassidy Stone brings a level of in ring skill mixed with unlimited charisma that hasnt been seen since Devin Devine made his rookie debut in PWX over ten years ago! Cassidy Stone earns the ranking spot over Ganon Jones, Jr. because he has reigned as the PWX TV Champion for the past five months, maintaining a death grip on the title. This is Cassidy's first championship, but certainly does not appear to be his last. Cassidy's impact in PWX over the course of just one year has been huge and one can easily see Cassidy wearing the PWX Heavyweight Championship and becoming the flagship of PWX. Just like Ganon Jones, Jr., Cassidy has franchise player written all over him as the sky is the limit for Mr Stone.

#76 - Race Steele
Another of the "Heartland Transfer" that reigned in PWX in 2000, Race Steele was a well built competitor that was able to over power numerous opponents on his way to winning the PWX Heavyweight Championship against "Bad Boy" Brian Anthony. Steele faced some of the best ever in PWX like Brian Anthony, Paul Atlas, Vince Kaplack, Crusher Hansen, Boomer Payne, and Lou Marconi with great results. Race Steele would disappear from PWX after losing the PWX Heavyweight Title, but his time here was dominant and extremely impactful.

#75 - Bison
Bison was a mountain of man that was as unpredictable as they come. One never knew when or where Bison would strike as the nearly 300 lb. monster devastated PWX opponents for several years. Bison was intense and intimidating wearing an animal skin singlet and boots with a bald head and long beard. His power move skill set took out many opponents as Bison became a top contender in PWX for quite some time. Bison would capture the PWX Tag Team Championship with partner Rapture in 2002 and would compete for every title in PWX while remaining in top contention scoring victories against opponents like Quinn Magnum, Brandon K, Bigg, Scott Venom, Mad Mike, Crusher Hansen, Paul Atlas, etc.

#74 - Axel Law
Axel Law was a highflying specialist who became the first ever PWX X Champion in 2002 by defeating Sterling James Keenan (Corey Graves) and Lance Dayton in a double elimination triple threat match. The X Title has since become defunct, but was a highly competitive title in PWX during the early 2000s. Law also captured the PWX Tag Team Titles with partner Scott Venom in 2001 defeating The New Era Horsemen (Paul Atlas & Jimmy Anjel) and was in other successful tag teams. Axel Law's time in PWX was impactful as he helped usher in an era in PWX where smaller guys proved that they could compete for any title in the promotion and helped pave the way for future champions like Chris Taylor and Chris LeRusso.

#73 - Spiffy Sean Styles
Spiffy Sean Styles started in PWX in late 1990s as a TV announcer, but dared to think bigger and began to train with some of PWX's main eventers and ultimately earned a chance to show that he could compete inside the squared circle. Once given the chance, Spiffy proved to be one of the bigger underdog success stories in PWX history winning the PWX No Barriers Title on two occasions (a title geared towards younger wrestlers) and also winning the PWX Brass Knuckles Title from former two time PWX Heavyweight Champion Nikita Allanov. Spiffy showcased a never say die attitude inside the ring and a gift for gab on a microphone. Spiffy was both cheered and jeered throughout his career in PWX and has earned the right to be named amongst the best 100 PWX has ever seen.

#72 - Tony Johnson
The current PWX Three Rivers Champion is one of he most technically skilled wrestlers all-time in PWX. For the past few years, Tony has worked his way to top of the contenders ladder and now wears gold around his waist. Tony Johnson displays a ring-generalship mixed with a high-flying skill set that makes him a favorite of the crowd and a favorite to remain a cornerstone of PWX for years to come. Johnson also starred in a successful and popular tag team with Jay Flash which served as the platform for Johnson's meteoric rise to champion.

#71 - The Mauler
A member of the famed "Web" group led by T. Rantula in the late 1990s, The Mauler was a big, tough brawler who was a part of a months-long feud between The Web and The Gentlemen's Club (Mad MIke, Crusher Hansen, Quinn Magnum) that saw the birth of the infamous Weapons Match in PWX. The Mauler captured the PWX Heavyweight Title against Headshrinker Samu in 1998 as this served as his crowning achievement in the promotion. He would later lose the title to "Shocker" Sean Evans, but is one of an elite group of wrestlers to win the biggest prize has to offer.

#70 - Blue Dragon
The Blue Dragon is one of the more colorful and popular characters in PWX history. Dragon featured an elaborate Japanese style wrestling gear while being one of the handful of wrestlers in PWX to wear a mask. Dragon was a true favorite of the younger fans in PWX, but proved to earn the respect of many PWX fans with his determination. The Blue Dragon was prominent in PWX from the mid to late 2000s even securing a winning streak that extended for nearly 8 months. The Blue Dragon would capture the PWX Three Rivers Title during that winning streak against Devil Bhudakahn in 2007 and would also win the PWX Tag Team Titles as one-half of the team Double Dragon in 2009. The Blue Dragon proved to be one of the most successful masked wrestlers in PWX history as well as a true character that instantly became a cult favorite.
November 4th, 2014
One of the top wrestlers ever to set foot in a PWX ring will return home to PWX at the 20th Anniversary Live Event!

That man is Dirk Ciglar! Dirk Ciglar was a truly dominant figure in PWX in the 1990's and early 2000's having captured the PWX Heavyweight Title twice, the PWX Three Rivers Title, and the PWX Tag-Team Title. Ciglar's battles with Brandon K were some of the true classic moments in PWX history.

After not being seen in a PWX ring for years now, Dirk Ciglar has promised to make his presence felt on November 29th!

Ciglar Baby!!
THE PWX 100 - ALL TIME TOP 100 IN PWX: 94-85!
October 30th, 2014

#94 - The Blue Meanie

The former ECW mainstay made several appearances in PWX and in 1996 won the PWX Tag Team Championships with fellow BWO partner Stevie Richards defeating The Giant Hillbillies. They would, in turn, lose the titles to The Usual Suspects (JB Destiny & Dennis Gregory). Meanie and Richards were brought in by Notorious Norm for his NNWO invasion of PWX.

#93 - QB Blitzz
1/2 of the very popular tag team known as The Tri Chi Fraternity. The Tri Chis were always up for a good time and a party, but could carry a mean streak when provoked. Blitzz was one of the most powerful wrestlers in PWX history standing in at just under 300lbs. Blitzz's power was on display in the mid 2000's as The Tri Chis were able to capture the PWX Tag Team Championship in 2004 against Better Than You.

#92 - Salvatore Sincere
Salvatore Sincere was a major coup for PWX as he was working for the WWE (WWF) at the time of his appearances for Pro Wrestling eXpress. Sincere won the PWX Heavyweight Title in his first match for PWX against then champion Brian Anthony on March 7, 1997 in front of a packed original Wrestleplex. This was a key time for PWX as they were just beginning their original television run on WPTT Channel 22 as a part of a Saturday evening block of pro wrestling with the WWE and ECW. Sincere would lose the title the next night against T. Rantula in Boswell, PA . Sincere's appearances in PWX were highly impactful in continuing to deliver credibility to the young promotion and served as a shift in focus from the early PWX mainstays to the new crop of PWX wrestlers coming up thru the PWX Training Academy or brought in from outside the promotion.

#91 - "The Reaper" Matt Conard
Matt Conard is a current PWX roster member who has brought a dark character with size and agility to the ring for the past 2 years. Conard is one of the few wrestlers ranked in the Top 100 who has yet to hold a title in the promotion. Conard has made a large impact in PWX in his short time here having feuded with Tanner Reynolds, Payton Graham, and Chris LeRusso to name a few. Conard's feud with Graham resulted in a violent 'Hangman's Nose Match' that put both men into title contention. Conards arrow in PWX is certainly pointing up...

#90 - Apollyon
Apollyon got his start as a 6'4", 150 lb. wrestler named Eisen Drache. Drache would take many beatings in the ring, but never quit and gained valuable in ring experience. Over time, Drache would add weight and a mean streak and transform into Apollyon. Apollyon was a true tag team specialist winning the PWX Tag Team Titles on three occasions with three different partners. Two of those title reigns, with Sean Dahmer as Straight Jacket Mafia and with Shirley Doe as The Order Of Total Oblivion, rank as the two longest tag-team title reigns in PWX history.

#89 - Leviathon
Leviathon was the tallest athlete to ever step into a PWX ring standing in at 6'11" and weighing 330 lbs.. Leviathon was an inch taller than the next tallest Cory K (6'10"). Leviathon served as the body guard and muscle for Bubba The Bulldog and The Dog Pound in the mid-to-late-1990s. The big man scored some impressive wins against guys like Crusher Hansen, Quinn Magnum, Paul Atlas, Brian Anthony, and Boomer Payne. However, something was never quite right with Leviathon as he would lose his temper at a moments notice and throw a tantrum similar to what you would expect from a 3-year-old. In the end, Leviathon never won a title in PWX, but his track record was quite impressive.

#88 - Lord Zoltan
The local wrestling legend Lord Zoltan brought his crazy and unpredictable persona to PWX on many occasions wreaking havoc every time he set foot in a PWX ring. Zoltan would never stick around for long periods of time as he would disappear from PWX as quickly as he came. Always hard to defeat or even keep down, Zoltan's most productive time in PWX was in the mid-1990s as he even was able to win the PWX North American Title (a precursor to the PWX TV and Three Rivers Title) from Dennis Gregory. Zoltan even competed for the PWX Heavyweight Title on a few occasions.

#87 - Stevie Richards
The leader of ECW's BWO in the mid-1990s made his way to PWX several times winning the PWX Tag Team Titles with partner The Blue Meanie against The Giant Hillbillies. Richards also had a feud with the giant T. Rantula as Richards represented Notorious Norm's NNWO. Richards was yet another wrestler who gave big credibility to PWX as it entered its original TV era in the mid-to-late-1990s.

#86 - Mantis
There seems to have been a possible few incarnations of The Mantis, but no one can deny the fact that The Mantis character has been a highly successful competitor in PWX lore. The Mantis actually was able to win two singles titles as he captured the PWX Brass Knuckles Title and the PWX Triple Jeopardy Title, both now defunct. The Mantis was a fixture of the Hellfire Club with Devil Bhuadkahn and Shirley Doe and was quite adept at high-flying inside a PWX ring.

#85 - Jimmy Anjel
Jimmy Anjel was a member of the infamous Wrong Crowd with Paul Atlas, Brian Anthony, and Bigg. Anjel was a well put together individual often able to rely on his powerful physique to win matches. Anjel held several titles in PWX, winning his first title in 1998 with Bigg defeating Boomer Payne and Big Poppa Gator for the PWX Tag Team Titles. Anjel would win the PWX Tag Team Titles on two more occasions, both with Paul Atlas in 2000 and 2001. Anjel also won the PWL Tag Team Titles (a PWX sister company) with Guido Corleone and the NWA East Tag Team Titles with Paul Atlas. Jimmy Anjel won one singles title in is career in PWX as he held the PWX Three Rivers Title before losing it to Mad Mike in 2002 marking the final title held by Anjel in PWX.
THE PWX 100 - ALL TIME TOP 100 IN PWX: 100-95!
October 28th, 2014
With the 20th Anniversary of Pro Wrestlng eXpress rapidly approaching, we here at PWX have assembled the Top 100 wrestlers to set foot in a PWX ring. We thank our own outstanding television commentator Joe Dombrowski for the idea of the rankings.

A panel of 10 has been assembled to go through the PWX careers, some just 1 appearance and some nearly 20 years, and rank the all time wrestlers. Many factors were considered including impact, in ring ability, character, longevity, crowd reaction, championships, status, in ring body of work, charisma, and cohesiveness amongst other factors.

Hundreds upon hundreds od wrestlers have stepped foot inside a PWX ring, but some have stood out and separated themselves from the pack. The main qualification for inclusion in the rankings is that a wrestler must have appeared in a match in PWX more than one time.

With that said, #100 down to #11 will appear here over the next month and on our website at The Top 10 wrestlers in PWX history will be unveiled at our 20th Anniversary Event on Saturday, November 29th at The Wrestleplex(2125 Beacon Street, McKeesport , PA 15132) with a 7:30pm belltime.

Now here is the start to best PWX wrestlers in our first two decades.....

100. Shawn Patrick
Before he was known as the best referee in the entire area and one of the most respected men around, Shawn Patrick actually was a solid contender in the ring under the name 'The Orange Dynamo'. Shawn feuded with PWX stalwarts like Vince Kaplack, Sean Evans, and Jb Destiny in the early years of PWX. He would even capture a PWX Tag-Team Title with Kingdom James in 2000 as the unlikely duo became wildly popular with the fans.

99. Robert Gibson
Impact. That is the key factor in 1/2 of the most successful tag teams in wrestling history, The Rock N Roll Express, in being ranked in the PWX Top 100. Gibson first appeared in a PWX event in Connellsville, PA winning the PWX Tag-Team Titles with Vince Kaplack. The event saw nearly 900 people attend and put PWX on the map in the tri-state area. The next night at the original Wrestleplex, Gibson and Kaplack would lose the titles to The Wrong Crowd in front of an overpacked 400 people which led to the expansion of seating in the Plex. Robert Gibson gave instant credibility to an ever growing PWX organization as 1300 people would see PWX in a 24 hour period. That is impact!

98. Jake Garrett
Jake Garrett was a hard-as-nails competitor who would never stay down and kept coming back for more. Garrett was a highly successful tag-team wrestler in PWX capturing the PWX Tag-Team Titles on two occasions. The first saw the late Devil Bhudakahn and Jake capture the titles in 2006. The second saw Jake, under a mask, win the titles from The Franchise Players as a part of the popular team known as Double Dragon.

97. Adam Cage
Adam Cage took PWX by storm in the early 2000's as he feuded with former PWX Heavyweight Champions Brandon K and Nikita Allanov. Cage's two year stay saw him on the verge of title contention, but ultimately, he just disappeared from the promotion never to be heard from again. One has to wonder what if?

96. All Business Brant/White Trash Hero
Both characters were highly entertaining as White Trash Hero was a 400lb man who would do, and eat, almost anything disgusting to gain attention. Hero also was not afraid to mix it up with weapons as his violent feud with Nikita Allanov showed that both men were tougher than previously thought. All Business Brant was the 'security' for PWX commissioner Scott Venom and was able to capture the PWX Tag-Team Titles with Venom as the tag team 'Better Than You' defeating Da Munchies and The Program for title wins, both in 2004. Brant used his 400lb size to his advantage and was able to outpower many opponents as a result. Though he was also known for leaving the ring in the middle of matches for a trip to the concession stand or a pitstop in the bathroom!

95. Cody Hawk
Cody Hawk was one of the 'Heartland Transfer' wrestlers that became a staple in a PWX ring in 2000. Hawk's in ring ability took him straight to a PWX TV Title win over Sharkboy. Hawk would also feud against Boomer Payne, Crusher Hansen, and Vince Kaplack within his year long stay in the promotion.

More rankings to come as the 20th Anniversary inches closer!
October 27th, 2014
PWX officials have announced the live event schedule for 2015! The events all take place at the PWX Wrestleplex on 2125 Beacon St. in McKeesport, PA with a belltime of 7:30 PM. The dates are as follows:

Saturday January 17th, 2015
Saturday January 31st, 2015
Saturday February 21st, 2015
Saturday March 14th, 2015
Saturday March 28th, 2015
Saturday April 11th, 2015
BURGH BRAWL 19 - Saturday April 25th, 2015
Saturday May 9th, 2015
Saturday May 30th, 2015
Saturday June 13th, 2015
Saturday June 27th, 2015
Saturday July 18th, 2015
Saturday August 8th, 2015
FAN APPRECIATION NIGHT - Saturday September 12th, 2015
Saturday September 26th, 2015
Saturday October 10th, 2015
Saturday October 24th, 2015
Saturday November 7th, 2015
21ST ANNIVERSARY SHOW - Saturday November 21st, 2015
GOLDEN TICKET - Saturday December 5th, 2015
FUTURES CUP - Saturday December 19th, 2015
September 9th, 2014
The Fans run the show on Saturday, September 13th at The Wrestleplex(2125 Beacon Street, McKeesport, 15132) with a 7:30pm belltime as PWX presents it's special 'FAN APPRECIATION NIGHT'!

PWX fans will be able to make numerous matches throughout the course of the night. Ever wanted to see a potential dream match not done before? Then the power is yours on Saturday, September 13th!

In addition, PWX fans will be able to choose the stipulation to the remtatch from the Sean 'Shocker' Evans Memorial Tournament Finals as JR Mega will battle Jack Pollock once again. What do the PWX fans want to see in that match? Weapons? Lumberjacks? Anything goes? Marcus Mann chained to someone? The choice will be made this Saturday!

In a situation that has been waiting to explode for months now, the monster Ganon Jones Jr. will confront his mentor Chris LeRusso at Fan Appreciation Night. Chris has had Ganon win the PWX Three Rivers Title for him and hand it over. Chris has intervened in Ganon's PWX Heavyweight Title Match that many say cost him the title that night. Chris has done his best to keep Ganon away from the PWX Wrestleplex for 2 months. And Chris has, most recently, made sure Ganon did not walk out of The Wrestleplex with both the PWX TV and PWX Three Rivers Titles as he clearly slipped a steel chain into Ganon's trunks after Ganon pinned Cassidy Stone in the middle of the ring at the last live event. Now, Ganon will have his opportunity to confront Chris LeRusso on Saturday, September 13th in the middle of the PWX ring. What fireworks can we expect there?

PWX will also hold several giveaways of great prizes throughout the night. Ever wanted to be a manager of your favorite PWX star? Well, show up on Saturday, September 13th and you will have a chance to win being a PWX manager for a night. Want to be seen on the PWX Revolution TV Show? Again, show up for Fan Appreciation Night and you could win your chance to do just that! Merchandise giveaways will also be taking place and the return of PWX's Let's Make A Deal!

The big prize to be given away that night, however, will be a free ticket to every one of the remaining PWX Live Events for remainder of 2014! You have to be there at The Wrestleplex on Saturday, September 13th to potentially be the big winner!

Plus, Fan Appreciation Night will feature the return of one of the most dominant wrestlers in PWX history....MAD MIKE! After not being seen in any ring for almost 2 years, Mad Mike will look to show why he can still compete against and defeat anyone, young or experienced, in PWX.

Not to be outdone by the huge Fan Appreciation Event, the main event will feature the FINAL SHOWDOWN between tag-team partners everywhere else and brothers in arms Gory versus G Raver!!

This is not just any final showdown. This will be a 30 minute IRONMAN Match! Whatever these two have building against one another will come a to final head on Saturday, September 13th. Both Gory and G Raver have promised to put it all on the line for the biggest prize of all...the PWX Heavyweight Championship...

Dont miss PWX's Fan Appreciation Night on Saturday, September 13th at The Wrestleplex with a 7:30pm belltime...
August 29th, 2014
We reported two weeks ago that Seth Allen suffered an injury and was forced off of our last live event. Unfortunately, we can report now that Allen's injury is worse than expected and he will not be able to compete at tomorrow's Sean "Shocker" Evans Memorial Tournament. We wish him the best in his recovery and hope to see him back in PWX soon.

In his place, PWX officials have signed current PWX Tag Team Champion Crusher Hansen to enter the tournament! Hansen was Sean Evans' final opponent in PWX almost exactly 12 years to the day this week, and a fitting addition to the tournament dedicated to Evans, a founding father of Pro Wrestling eXpress.

We hope to see you all at the PWX Wrestleplex (2125 Beacon St. in McKeesport, PA) tomorrow night to honor the memory of our fallen brother.

August 15th, 2014 has just recieved word that "The Impact Player" Seth Allen has suffered an injury and has been forced to pull out of tomorrow night's IN HARM'S WAY live event at the PWX Wrestleplex (2125 Beacon St. in McKeesport, PA). We wish Seth the best in his recovery and hope he will be 100% for his participation in the Sean "Shocker" Evans Memorial Tournament on August 30th.

As a result, the live card for tomorrow night has been slightly shuffled. Alex Matthews will no longer compete in the Fury 6 Match, but instead will take on Seth's scheduled opponent for the night, "America's Most Hated" Tanner Reynolds! Taking Alex's place in the Fury 6 Match will be the winner of a pre-show match between "PWX's Fitness Guru" Clinton Crooks and Golden Triangle member Gino "Slice" Giovanni!
August 15th, 2014
The 7th-annual Sean "Shocker" Evans Memorial Tournament will take place on Saturday night August 30th, 2014 at the PWX Wrestleplex (2125 Beacon St. in McKeesport, PA)! Over the course of the last several months, PWX stars have been competing in the most grueling, challenging match type in PWX history, the Fury 6 Match. Six wrestlers are chosen at random, and paired against each other in a six-man tag team match. The winning team then immediately competes against each other in a three-way elimination match. The last man standing is then entered into the Sean "Shocker" Evans Memorial Tournament. It has recently been stated by PWX officials that winning a Fury 6 Match, or previously winning a Sean "Shocker" Evans Memorial Tournament is the only way to enter into this year's tournament!

So far, four men have qualified by winning Fury 6 matches: Patrick Hayes, Seth Allen, Dylan Bostic, and Ryan Reign. Stryder has been entered into the tournament thanks to his win in the 3rd Sean Evans Tournament. Jack Pollock has also been invited to compete thanks to his win in the 5th tournament. Although Hayes previously won the 4th tournament, he insisted on earning his spot in this year's tournament, and did so in a Fury 6 Match.

Tomorrow night, the Fury 6 Match sees Shirley Doe & Beastman will team up with a third man to take on System Elite and their third partner (either Clinton Crooks or Slice, as determined by their pre-show match earlier in the night). There will be one more Fury 6 Match the night of the Sean Evans Tournament on August 30th to enter the final man into the tournament. That means not only will that person have to endure the Fury 6 match, but to win the tournament, they will have to defeat three other men as well!

The brackets have been released for this years' tournament as well:

We hope to see you on August 30th for the Sean "Shocker" Evans Memorial Tournament!

August 4th, 2014
On this date, the 3rd of August, in the year 2014, we, Xpress Coalition of THE Pro Wrestling eXpress, hereby declare the re-establishment of a lost ideology and belief once held sacred and proud by a prominent organization.

The Xpress Coalition's pleas for loyalty and integrity within the PWX organization has fallen on deaf ears which has resulted in a failure to communicate as some men you just can not reach.

The adulterous and seditious acts of the unhonorable are no longer acceptable in THE Pro Wrestling eXpress. As those before us, we shall adhere to a single badge of honor, E Pluribus Unum ( Out of many, one).

 Therefore, we also declare that beginning on the 16th of August, in the year 2014, the purification process shall begin. We pronounce ourselves as the judge, jury, and executioner of sentence upon all of those deemed traitors to THE Pro Wrestling eXpress ideal. We shall identify, target, and exterminate with extreme prejudice those guilty of sedition.

From this moment on, your heroes will no longer be villainized while the villainous are canonized. Out of the ashes rises the Phoenix. If you are not with us, then you are against us. All have now been forewarned...

Xpress Coalition of THE Pro Wrestling eXpress
August 4th, 2014

Join The Revolution as Episode 17 is now available. Matches include Nickie Valentino v Patrick Hayes is a 'Respect Match', Super Hentai v Seth Allen, Tanner Reynolds v Stryder in a grudge match and ...JR Mega defends the PWX TV Title against FUTURES Cup Winner Cassidy Stone!! Plus, Jack Pollock and Gory are on a collision course for the PWX Heavyweight Title as Big Brother is watching....

August 4th, 2014

New PWX roster addition Clinton Crooks brings his own unique style of fitness to the organization. Brash, cocky, and downright obnoxious, the 'PWX Fitness Guru' Clinton Crooks has taken to sending out videos of his exercise message!
July 30th, 2014

Saturday August 16th, 2014 at the PWX Wrestleplex in McKeesport, PA will see the long-awaited PWX debut of G-RAVER! G-Raver has competed all around the tri-state area, capturing championship gold and enthralling audiences in his wake. He is a member of the stable Generation Dead in many promotions, with his tag team partner, PWX Heavyweight Champion Gory.

However, on August 16th, his opponent in his PWX debut will be... GORY?! Marcus Mann has seemingly recruited G-Raver to take out his own tag team partner, Gory! But why? What are Marcus' motivations here? After his rant about loyalty to PWX being overlooked at our last live event, one can only guess...


This has the look and feel of a true dream matchup as these two men know each other very well, but what exactly is G Raver's motivation to stepping into the ring against Gory? Perhaps being able to walk into a promotion and capture the PWX Heavyweight Championship in his first match there is the true motivating factor. Maybe G Raver wants to show he is the better portion of their team? A lot more will come to light on Saturday, August 16th!

On the other hand, PWX Heavyweight Champion Gory has been unstoppable in PWX for over 10 months now. Gory is the clear cut biggest fan favorite in the promotion and there has been no looking back where Gory is concerned. Gory knows his upcoming opponent very well and will not hold back on G Raver, even if they are friends and partners everywhere else they go. Once on the opposite side of the ring, Gory will look to infect the PWX World by unleashing his fury on G Raver! Be sure to check all the latest at 
July 16th, 2014
On Saturday, July26th at The Wrestleplex(2125 Beacon Street, McKeesport 15132) with a 7:30pm belltime, the main event pits Tanner Reynolds and Shirley Doe against Super Hentai and PWX Heavyweight Champion Gory!

At the end of the last live event, bodies lay everywhere after Gory took out Tanner Reynolds, spit mist into Super Hentai's eyes by accident(??), and then was taken out by the sadistic Shirley Doe.

Doe proclaimed it was time for Hentai to join him, but why? Hentai and Doe's relationship dates back over 15 years since the days of the infamous Hellfire Club. The two men have teamed and feuded over the course of the past decade and a half and have even trained the current PWX Heavyweight Champion Gory together. But what does this past have to due with the current situation?

Gory now finds himself being attacked from all sides with the added pressure of both of his teachers involvement. Has the student surpassed the teachers? The PWX Heavyweight Championship belt around Gory's waist may very well answer that question. But, can Gory dig down deep enough to retain that title over the course of time after the hell he walked through against Jack Pollock?

Tanner Reynolds made a huge statement several weeks ago when he launched a brutal attack on the champion Gory. Tanner left Gory beaten badly and proved that he was indeed a serious threat to the PWX Heavyweight Championship.

Now, Tanner Reynolds and his unlikely partner Shirley Doe will face off against teacher and student Super Hentai and Gory. Can Tanner/Doe come together as a team? Will Gory and Hentai co-exist after what transpired at the last live event? One thing is for sure..... This match will explode right before ours eyes on Saturday, July 26th at Summer Scorcher!!

Check out for all the latest and Join The Revolution as Revolution TV is on the air!! Big Brother is watching.....

July 15th, 2014
This message and poster image were sent to PWX's web staff by members of The Golden Triangle: Dean Radford, Dylan Bostic, and Slice.

"Members of the Golden Triangle have purchased tickets for one of PWX's VIP boxes for Saturday July 26th as the self-proclaimed "outlaws of wrestling" will conduct their own search to add new "blue chip, five-star, five tool, future franchise, young lion, diamond in the rough, golden studs." Scouted participants shall be given immediate feedback and grades on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being future dead weight and 10 being golden! Golden Triangle fans are encouraged to participate. The Golden Triangle: Our Way or Walk Out!"
May 6th, 2014
PWX's hit TV show Revolution hit the internet several months ago. Since then, the episodes have been viewed thousands of times in over 31 countries. Have you been watching?

This week's episode dropped over the weekend, and features The Headless Horsemen of Gory & Matt Conard taking on Payton Graham & his hand-picked partner Ganon Jones, Jr.! Plus, an impromptu title match sees PWX Heavyweight Champion Jack Pollock defending against former champion Ryan Reign!

Check it out below, and keep up with it every week here on!

May 6th, 2014

In the spirit of the Contenders series and the Best In Pittsburgh competition, coming soon to Pro Wrestling eXpress is the new Fury 6 division!

Every competitor's resolve, heart, endurance, and skill will be put to the ultimate test! This will be a division that will feature the most gueling match around, and will be seen in its own format only at PWX! Winning is just the beginning! Who has what it takes to dominate the Fury 6?
Stay tuned for more information!
March 25th, 2014
Haven't Been able to see the new PWX Revolution TV Show airing on WBGN on Verizon Fios?

No Problem. PWX will be posting the weekly show on Facebook, Twitter, and right here on our website at  Plus the show will be for sale on DVD very soon!

No Privacy. Big Brother is watching! Welcome to the Revolution!

Click HERE for the Revolution TV page, or watch the first episode below!

March 20th, 2014
** Please note that the views of the column 'Between The Ropes' are not necessarily those of Pro Wrestling express and it's counterparts. 'Between The Ropes' is a column of opinion and observation **

The squeaky wheel gets the grease. This philosophy has worked in every major sport, especially professional wrestling. Three wrestlers, who feel underutilized and disrespected, have decided to adopt this philosophy as well. The trio has formed together to compose an open letter to their home promotion stating their grievances as well as issuing 3 demands that need to be met or they will take their marketable services elsewhere.

Less than 24 hours later, the trio shows up on the promotion's live event and airs their dirty laundry in the middle of the ring as well as their demands. They state that since their demands have not been met, they quit. The 3 wrestlers then walk out the front door, never to return. Or do they? Shortly after walking out, the trio stage a social media blitz that garners a ton of responses. They then proclaim that they will protest at the promotion's next live event.

At the next live event, the trio is true to their word. They arrive and sit in the crowd as they hold up their protest signs. Surprisingly, the crowd chants their name throughout the early portion of the event. Finally, the 3 wrestlers step over the barrier and into the ring to a thunderous applause. They proceed to get into a physical altercation, throw out another demand, and ultimately quit.....again, walking out the front door.

Minutes later, another social media blitz occurs with the responses overwhelming in support. So much so that there are more responses for the 3 wrestlers than any other item on the local wrestling scene. The promotion even states that one of the trio's demands will be met.

Meet The Golden Triangle... the brash Deion Cruize, outspoken Hayden Ferra, and the self-proclaimed 'misunderstood' Slice. The Golden Triangle has taken Pro Wrestling eXpress by storm, achieving the kind of reaction in just 4 weeks that some others before them only thought they had in their minds. It is quite the mind puzzler. Over the past 6 months, members of The Golden Triangle are a combined 2-15. One could take a quick glance and say that these three men have not produced when given the chance, But a deeper look shows that if each of the three men had wrestled on the previous 12 events, that would account for 36 total matches. That means that members of The Golden Triangle have only had the chance to wrestle on less than half of the live events. Maybe there is credence to their claims of being underutilized. After all where there is smoke, there is fire right? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

How and why have The Golden Triangle risen so fast in crowd reaction? The conventional school of thought is that these three men have taken the taboo subject of backstage business and brought it to the forefront on live events in front of the paying audience. It has been often stated over the years that if someone took all of the locker room drama and used it in front of a live crowd, it would be red hot. The Golden Triangle has apparently proven that to be true. These three men hold nothing back. They have said and done anything they like, uncensored and unfiltered. Don't talk about paydays? They have named their price to everyone and anyone. Don't air dirty backstage laundry? They have excelled in doing just that. Don't let the fans in? They have embraced the fan movement.

Just think, these guys are just getting started! There is still a good amount of material they can use from years past of backstage controversy, surprisingly created by a just small percentage of people. Plus, if they ever need an idea, they can just go to their local wrestling message board where the supply never ends. However, just how far is The Golden Triangle willing to go? Is there anything that they will not bring to a live event? It is interesting to note that two of these three men graduated from the PWX Wrestling Academy. The third was disenchanted with the school he was in and, thus, made the move to put the finishing touches on his training at the PWX Wrestling Academy as well. As I stated in a previous article, the Academy has breathed new life into PWX and now there are three more wrestlers who have struck a cord with the PWX World. Perhaps watching Ganon Jones Jr., Cassidy Stone, and Toryn Flight enjoy varying degrees of success coming out of the Academy forced The Golden Triangle's hand into controversy. After all controversy sells right? Now they have everyone asking just what are they going to do next?

In another previous article, I discussed the entitled wrestler who would push his own agenda to create problems on his way out. The Golden Triangle seems to be mocking that very entitlement as they quit only to return with even more outrageousness. Now can The Golden Triangle avoid the same pitfalls that have entrapped the same select entitled wrestlers before them? Those select veterans who are always saying they have big news coming but ultimately just cant believe they haven't received that call for bigger and better things and find themselves falling into the 'big fish in a small pond mentality'. I see a fundamental difference between The Golden Triangle and the above listed. The Golden Triangle are young, hungry wrestlers who are just trying to make a name for themselves. They want to achieve that level of notoriety and are not afraid to give full disclosure to audiences included. They don't claim to tell it like it is. They actually do tell it like it is. At least so far.....

In the end, The Golden Triangle embodies that extension of realism that has people wondering if what they are saying and doing is all an act or real. The ability to blur the lines of reality has The Golden Triangle riding the gravy train of success. And once again..... they are just getting started.
March 20th, 2014

On Saturday, March 29th at The Wrestleplex(2125 Beacon Street, McKeesport 15132) with a 7:30pm belltime, PWX will present one of it's more intriguing matchups in Ryan Reign v Seth Allen.

At the last live event, Reign appeared ready to capture the PWX Heavyweight Title in his title match against Jack Pollock, but Seth Allen's new manager Krystal Frost interjected herself into the match and ultimately cost Reign the title. But why?

Before the event even began, Seth Allen was escorted out of the building after several verbal and physical altercations in the locker room area. As a result, Allen was unable to fulfill his promise of not allowing anyone other than himself to wrestle for the PWX Heavyweight Title. That is where Krystal Frost came in. She made sure Ryan Reign didn't win the title when the #1 contender was thrown out of the building.

The pairing of Seth Allen and Krystal Frost is interesting to say the least. Allen is the only man to have defeated champion Jack Pollock in the past 6+ months, while Krystal Frost managed the PWX Heavyweight Champion as recent as November. Frost is the undisputed queen of PWX and knows what it takes to climb to the top of the PWX World. Meanwhile, Seth Allen has catapulted his way up the rankings in very short order. He arrived in the fall of last year proclaiming he was going to win the PWX Heavyweight Title and is now in a position to do just that.

However, Ryan Reign is without a doubt one of the best wrestlers in the entire area and is a former PWX Heavyweight Champion. Reign knows exactly what needs to be done in order to become champion once again. Only this time, he has the full support of the PWX fans. Ryan Reign has hit a roadblock on his way to trying to become a two time heavyweight champion in Seth Allen and Krystal Frost and now they have made it personal.

Can Reign finally shut Allen up? Or, will Allen and his new alliance with the devious Krystal Frost have Reign's number? The winner of this one has to be the first in line for a shot at either Jack Pollock or Gory as Burgh Brawl draws near.....
March 3rd, 2014

On Saturday, March 29th at The Wrestleplex(2125 Beacon Street, McKeesport 15132) with a 7:30pm belltime, the match months in the making will finally take place as challenger Gory will face champion Jack Pollock.

In August of 2013, at the Sean 'Shocker' Evans Memorial Tournament Chris Taylor defeated the still popular Jack Pollock in the finals of the tournament to win the PWX Heavyweight Title. The odds were stacked against Jack and Taylor took full advantage to sneak away the title.

However, Taylor's celebration was short lived as his mouth led him into an impromptu match against Gory. Gory made short work of Taylor and appeared to win the PWX Heavyweight Title. The next live event reared politics into the scenario and Taylor was awarded the title back by Legion(who was running the promotion at the time. A group Taylor was a member of), even striking Gory's title win from the record books.

Jack Pollock would ultimately receive his rematch for the title at the PWX 19th Anniversary Show. Jack would win the tile back from Chris Taylor that night, but would turn his back on his friends and fans in the PWX World just several weeks later.

Gory never did receive his match for the PWX Heavyweight Title. He forced his way into a match after the main event of an event in January, but the match was a no contest and never really a true title shot. Meanwhile, Jack has redefined what a targeted champion is supposed to do as he has taken the fight to everyone in PWX, taking people's heads off with his big boot to the face at any given time. In addition, he has defended the title 6 times in the past 3 events, easily making the PWX Heavyweight Title the most defended in the area.

Now, after months of back and forth banter and attacks by both Jack and Gory, the match is signed, sealed and will be delivered to the PWX World on Saturday, March 29th! This will be a war for the ages as these two men could not be further apart in the eyes of the PWX faithful with Gory being the most popular in the promotion and Jack being completely despised.

Can Gory bring home the PWX Heavyweight Championship and, as a result, win his first heavyweight title ever in the tri-state area? Or, will Jack Pollock continue with his death grip on the title? Will Ryan Reign and/or Seth Allen figure into the match? What impact will Marcus Mann and Morgan have in the corner for Jack? Can this match already be an early contender for Match of the Year in 2014?

Come to The Wrestleplex on Saturday, March 29th to witness the answers to all of these questions and more!
March 3rd, 2014
On a night that is was rumored a surprise was in the building, it turned out to be 2 huge surprises as two former PWX Heavyweight Champions made their returns home to PWX!

Stryder has not been seen in a PWX ring since Burgh Brawl in April 2013 as a severe injury cost him the previous 10 months. But on Saturday, March 1st at The Wrestleplex, Stryder made an immediate impact by stepping into the ring with a shocked PWX Three Rivers Champion Tanner Reynolds. The crowd went nuts as Stryder entered the arena and didn't stay seated until Tanner walked out of the title match taking a countout loss. Stryder stood in the ring victorious in his return.

However, Tanner wasn't about to be outdone. Tanner truly believes it is his time to be the main attraction and it didn't sit too well with him he was shown up by a former champion. So, Tanner made sure Stryder was not about to gain a rematch for his title as he went to ringside during the Battle Royal for a shot at the Three Rivers Title and helped eliminate Stryder from the competition. Is Tanner that jealous of Stryder? Can Stryder take his place back among the PWX elite in short order?

The other surprise of the night saw the return of former PWX Heavyweight Champion Patrick Hayes to PWX. Hayes has not been seen in PWX even longer than Stryder and was one of the figures instrumental in establishing the new Wrestleplex as the place to see the top wrestling action around. Hayes made his return after a call from Quinn Magnum as the two men set out to destroy the newly formed, and controversial, faction The Golden Triangle. It was a chaotic scene as chairs, signs, outside the ring action, chokeslams, blood, and Frogsplashs could seen in a 5 minute time frame. Fans chanted 'Welcome Back' to Hayes as he received a standing ovation on a triumph return. Magnum has indicated that Patrick Hayes has signed to compete in PWX on a fulltime basis once again. How long till Patrick Hayes leaves everyone Hazed and Confused?

PWX returns to The Wrestleplex(2125 Beacon Street, McKeesport, 15132) on Saturday, March 29th with a 7:30pm belltime! Check out for all the latest info.
February 24th, 2014
  **Please note that the views of the column 'Between The Ropes' are not necessarily those of Pro Wrestling eXpress and it's counterparts. 'Between The Ropes' is a column of opinion and observation**

 It appears I have caused a bit of a stir. Actually, it has blown up in my face! I just did not think that others had such power to bring an organization to it's very knees, but it has happened! People have responded with such conviction and their powerful message of writing has been so passionate they have even forgotten to take the credit for leading the movement by attaching their name to their stellar work. However, it does not matter, the movement is steamrolling PWX over! Open letters of disenchanted current wrestlers and personnel in PWX have been issued. Veterans have turned in their retirement papers. PWX student graduates have walked out and started their own promotion. The carloads of talent have set up road blocks on the turnpikes and highways to stop any further talent from working for PWX. Every other promotion in the area have begun their own local television programs rendering PWX's little show obsolete. Hotdog companies have even blackballed PWX. And, it has even come out that a truly trustworthy and honest former PWX wrestler has revealed that he made three times the money per appearance than any of the other vested veterans who were supposed to be the core of the promotion resulting in another huge defection. As a result, PWX has announced that it will be closing it's doors in 6 months. It is an end of a local era........

Umm, yea right....

Though the part about a wrestler CLAIMING to another that he made three times the money of any other in PWX did happen, it was a lie to persuade a wrestler to walk away. So much for being trustworthy.

In reality, the PWX roster is intact and flourishing. Jack Pollock has redefined the role of a hated heavyweight champion by removing the bulleyes from his back and placing it on everyone else's. His attacks have made him feared and the result has been pure hatred by the PWX faithful. Ryan Reign is loved by fans only in PWX as he has taken his game to a whole new level and could be just a step away from the highest of levels in wrestling. Gory leaves no person sitting when he enters The Wrestleplex as he is the most popular wrestler in PWX. Seth Allen has catapulted to the top of the promotion showing that there isn't anything he cant do well. Bobby Beverly has made the TV Title a hot commodity as his in ring work has been stellar. Tanner Reynolds has brought a total unpredictability to the promotion as his obnoxious behavior has allowed him to make a true impact in PWX. Matt Justice brings size, skill, and intensity to PWX and has become immensely popular. Brandon K is still the man by which all others are measured, no matter what some believe themselves to be. Chris LeRusso is poised for a true breakout year in 2014 as he has been one of the most consistently solid wrestlers in PWX. Ganon Jones Jr is a true blue chip prospect and already has become the new monster in PWX replacing Shane Taylor in that role and those were some big shoes to fill. Cassidy Stone brings an entirely new level of cocky to an already rapidly developing skill set. Another blue chipper here too. Super Hentai has proven he still can go with the best of them making a great addition to the PWX roster. Dean Radford has brought the big man status back to PWX with devastating effectiveness. JR Mega has shown that he can stand toe to toe with anyone in the ring over the last year. His pairing with BC Steele has become very popular in the promotion. Ethan Wright has been a huge addition to PWX and is ready to become a cornerstone here. Love the ladies man persona. Alex Matthews is the ultimate underdog who has showcased a ring presence far beyond his limited time in pro wrestling. The Beast, Shirley Doe, & Crusher Hansen have reinvigorated what was a dormant tag team division. The Fan Guy works as hard as if not harder than anyone to overcome his deficiencies becoming popular with the PWX fans. Maxx Daniels and Crusher Hansen as The Enforcing Officials are truly an entertaining tag team. You have to see them live for yourself. Matt Conard has champion written all over him. He brings the level of competition up in every aspect when he steps into the ring. Toryn Flight brings the high flying role back to PWX as he has shown no regard for his own safety. Yet another blue chip prospect here. Jason Cage has the skill set and determination to match anyone and is proven veteran of PWX. The Golden Triangle (Deion Cruize, Hayden Ferra, & Slice) have just formed, but already are making waves by taking out of the ring material and using it in their own agenda. Joey Vincent Martini has debuted to extremely positive reviews bringing another powerful big man to the roster. Tony Johnson has returned to chants of welcome back and will be a nice addition to PWX (Wait I thought everyone was leaving?). Payton Graham has shown superiority in tag teams and now appears ready to take singles by storm. At 6'3 and 270lbs, he has the size to succeed. Maxwell Chase has shown phenomenal skills on the microphone being able to make PWX fans truly detest him. Rickey Shane Page and Nickie Valentino are both huge additions to any wrestling card when they appear in PWX as well. Finally, lets give Scottie Gash credit where credit is due. He was a true franchise piece for years at PWX and his efforts are truly appreciated by all in PWX.

Wow! I guess I am capable of writing positive stuff after all. Contrary to what some will do or say, the PWX roster is full with a lot of talented wrestlers, some of which are the best in the entire area.
February 3rd, 2014
 **Please note that the views of the column 'Between The Ropes' are not necessarily those of Pro Wrestling eXpress and it's counterparts. 'Between The Ropes' is a column of opinion and observation**

 Having been in many locker rooms over the years, there has almost always been one common denominator.... A superstar in his own mind. This individual is typically the loudest person in the locker room and normally surrounds himself with a few yes men. I'm sure you have seen it firsthand or can easily imagine it. A marginal wrestler with an ok, but usually rip off, look thumping his chest about what he is going to do in the business of professional wrestling, all the while having a couple of guys standing right beside him nodding in approval of this alleged soon-to-be superstar. It is kind of like the pretty girl surrounding herself with less attractive girls to make herself appear that much better. Come to think of it, that is EXACTLY what it is.

The best part is when it comes time to produce. I remember one person in particular that would boast how he was going to be signed any day now. He then was called in to perform in front of the camera. A chance to showcase your oratory skills and make everyone watching believe you are an interesting character that truly is the next big thing. What came out over the course of the next 60 seconds was nothing short of pathetic. Monotone delivery. Deer in the headlights look. Robotic movement. Complete Failure. This would go on another three tries until finally, mercifully, he was told the last one would suffice.

Later that same night in front of the live crowd, the music hits and out comes said superstar. On this night, the superstar was the third best man in the ring behind his opponent and the referee. Same four moves are performed as every other match, two of which are practically the same moves as the person whose look he has ripped off. Overall, a true superstar performance that had 32 people get in line for the concession stand.

Back in the locker room, a broad smile is across the superstar's face as he marvels at the fine match. He even compliments his opponent to the yes men and anyone else unfortunate enough to share the same locker room. He says something to the effect of man he was tough and very good. He should of been signed already. He gave me a run for my money. The funny thing is, the yes men are normally a better complete package of a wrestler. They just don't have a clue on how to think for themselves.

There is a very tough question that needs to be asked. Is the superstar worth the headache? There a times that these future legends of the business are popular or hated by the live audience, but typically it is short lived. The mystique wears off quickly. The one trick pony's act becomes boring . The above description of the superstar was after he had been in the promotion for about 6 months. That is a normal timespan for the crowd to be into these superstars. Then it becomes, 'Not him again! I have seen this same old song and dance enough'.

The blame game is then played. It is the way the promotion is marketing the superstar. Or, it is the matches they are placed in. Or, the fact that they are not afforded the chance to do their thing. Whatever that may be. Complaining openly is the next trick. This is an attempt to sway others in the locker room to their side trying to create division from within. Then, it is time to make waves. This is usually done by doing the one thing that is asked not to do in front of a live crowd and doing it four or five times to make it appear like they are 'challenging authority' or creating a rebellion. Finally, it is all about talking down the overall product. This is dumb. This guy cant draw. They are screwing up by not putting me in there. This wrestler is terrible. Blah, Blah, Blah.

The superstar eventually leaves the promotion one way or another whether it is no showing, getting fired, mutual parting of the ways, or thumping their chest on the way out. He arrives in the next promotion minutes down the road. He is a superstar once again! And the entire, long, painful process begins again. To these guys, they are creating their own territory system that has been dead for over two decades now. Show up here. Milk it for all it's worth. Cause problems virtually the entire time. Exit to the next town. Aahh, The good old days.

How do you deal with these superstars that are going to be signed any day now? My opinion is let them be someone else's problem child. There isn't any need for them to be here. Let the superstars assemble in the one place that will still use them and watch Rome burn in short order. Sure, it may be tempting to use them as they are true salesmen of themselves. After all, Florida is
January 27th, 2014
**Please note that the views of the column 'Between The Ropes' are not necessarily those of Pro Wrestling eXpress and it's counterparts. 'Between The Ropes' is a column of opinion and observation**

For over 19 years Pro Wrestling eXpress has excited its fans with action from all styles and characters from all walks of life. I, myself, was around in the PWX heyday, writing my thoughts and opinions on the independent standout promotion. Sometimes I ruffled some people's feathers and there were even times when I was threatened to stop what I was saying. The last time 'Between The Ropes', in any form, was seen was over 5 years ago. I still followed PWX throughout the previous five years, but now feel the need to once again to state the goings on at PWX.

A big reason PWX was so successful years ago was that the promotion did not hesitate to invest greatly in it's young talent. the large majority of PWX top draws were trained in the PWX Academy and it proved to be a true life source for the organization. That talent worked together to strive forward and make PWX a true force in Pittsburgh and beyond. Now, there were plenty of times wrestlers didn't get along and backstabbing did indeed take place. It wasn't this vision of Pittsburgh Camelot some would have you believe in their rose tinted glasses. However, at the end of the day, the live events were where it all mattered and the wrestlers and personnel delivered when it counted.

Over the years, the PWX Academy ceased to exist or, worse even, didn't produce any notable talent that could help carry the promotion. The mid to late 2000's saw a total collapse of the life source, the PWX Academy. AS a result, PWX was forced to turn to outside talent that were trained at, or received their starts in, other promotions both locally and in the tri state area. This saw a rapid turnover of wrestlers for varying reasons. Some just used PWX as a way to bargain a better deal elsewhere. Some over valued their talent level resulting in major headaches. Some mailed it in when they didn't get their way. Some just outright lied their way right out of the promotion. No matter the reason, very few local stars were created. Of course there were a few exceptions, some of which are main event level wrestlers in PWX now.

Another problem resulted from this dire situation. The main eventers of yesteryear became older and less effective. A precious few aged with grace, but many others were held onto by the desperate promotion or themselves tried to hold onto their top spots for far too long. Staleness kicked in as some felt as though they could just simply walk through the door and be placed in a top spot to showcase their 'talents'.

A much needed move to the new Wrestleplex and their own venue in late 2011 meant that everything would come to a head. The PWX Academy was reopened with what would become two classes with two sets of instructors. Behind the scenes, it became apparent that many people would not be around too much longer. A brighter future with a new life source had begun. No matter how much kicking, screaming, sabotaging, attitude, entitlement, or games that were attempted was not going to save people. It began in earnest, but progressed into a full fledged purge. Some were told to leave. Some were given final chances. Some were told they were not main event level any longer. Some were pushed aside. Some left on their own accord. Some even were let go only to say that they left on their accord. There was certainly backlash. Outright lies were told to try and make others leave. Social media was used to try and manipulate or whine about their status.

PWX was not, itself, without blame. Could things have been handled with more tact? Sure. Did some situations linger too long? Sure. But at the end of the day, PWX accomplished what it set out to do. Re-invent itself.

Fast forward to today. A core group from 2011 was kept. Over 75% of the roster has been over hauled. The very few standouts from the mid to late 2000's are still on the roster. Actually the number is around 3. The number is about the same in regards to main eventers from yesteryear. Critics like to point out that PWX is all washed up wrestlers. Looking a the current roster, that couldn't be further from the truth. Yes some PWX wrestlers from years past appear from time to time, but only Brandon K, Shirley Doe, The Beast, and Crusher Hansen appear in PWX on a consistent basis. Shirley Doe, The Beast, and Crusher Hansen are all in tag teams. That leaves Brandon K as the only singles wrestler left from the heyday. Not quite a roster full is it? Now Super Hentai and his recent return could be argued as another from yesteryear. However, he has not appeared in PWX for over a decade thus he is seen by a whole new audience. Plus, have you actually seen him wrestle in PWX? The man can still go and looks to be rejuvenated since he has been given relevance again. (Editors Note: Scottie Gash would qualify here, but has wrestled his last fulltime match in PWX before moving out of state)

The PWX Academy has debuted 10 graduates live events since 2012-2013, with many just in recent months. Only one has been let go for reasons I am not sure about. Several have the promise to be the new main eventers in PWX for years to come. The Academy still has more in training that will make their debuts in 2014. One of them has true standout status and buzz already. The life source is indeed back.

New outside talent has been brought in by carloads, almost all of which have made an impact in today's PWX. Even more are set to debut soon. Looks, characters, in ring ability, and lockeroom demeanor have all been emphasized when utilizing new talent. The overall common goal for live events has returned. Take a look at the live events since the 19th Anniversary Event in early November. I am hard pressed to find any truly lackluster match. Sure some are better than others, but no longer are there 3-4 matches on a card that you know are not going to be good at all because of people mailing it in. not caring, or out right sucking.

Finally, there is certainly the core that has been identified and used in the highest of manners. Some would be surprised who is considered a part of that core. Others not so much as they are evident. But the point is, there is a entire new feel to PWX these days. So much so that someone that was considered, possibly, as a core part of the promotion could be lost and they be replaced by other up and coming talent in a heart beat.

This is not your fathers Pro Wrestling eXpress. This is a new group of handpicked and trained wrestlers providing PWX with it's best roster in many, many years.
January 27th, 2014
Over the course of the past few months in Pro Wrestling eXpress, the arrivals of Seth Allen, Ethan Wright, Matt Conard coupled, with the returns of Super Hentai, Tanner Reynolds, and Ryan Reign have showcased live events that had seen the earlier arrival, just months previously, of Matthew Justice, Nickie Valentino, and current PWX TV Champion Bobby Beverly.

Just that influx of talent would be enough to reshape an entire promotion's roster, but now the arrival of promising rookies Alex Matthews and Hayden Ferra along with a new generation of students graduating from the PWX Academy has ushered in a youth movement as well. Graduates such as Ganon Jones Jr., Cassidy Stone, The Fan Guy, Toryn Flight, Maxwell Chase, Deion Cruize, and 1/2 of The Enforcing Officials Maxx Daniels have all made their debuts in PWX making their impacts felt at varying levels.

At our last live event, PWX saw the return of Josh Emmanuel, formerly known in PWX as Kano. Emmanuel aligned himself with Jason Cage, as the new duo attacked the current PWX Tag Team Champions Dean Radford and The Beast.

Now, PWX has learned that another gifted wrestler will be making his PWX debut at the Saturday, February 15th live event at The Wrestleplex(2125 Beacon Street, McKeesport 15132) with a 7:30pm belltime. Touted by some familiar with his work as the hottest prospect from the state of Ohio, Joey Vincent Martini will be live in The Wrestleplex on February 15th. Martini is a physical specimen with a unique look. Rumor has it that he has been brought in by none other than BC Steele himself. Martini is someone who could walk in and be yet another newcomer to make a huge impact in Pro Wrestling eXpress! It all happens on Saturday, February 15th!
January 27th, 2014
On Saturday, February 15th at The Wrestleplex(2125 Beacon Street, McKeesport 15132) with a 7:30pm belltime, the 3rd Annual FUTURES Cup Tournament comes to a conclusion as finalists Cassidy Stone faces off against Ale...x Matthews.

The final match has been reached after 3 months of the young lions waging war against one another. After witnessing the tournament in it's entirety thus far, the future is indeed bright for Pro Wrestling eXpress.

However, the two men that have lasted the longest in the tournament will both be gunning to win the FUTURES Cup that has been on display throughout the tourney. One man will walk away holding the cup up high in victory. The other will only have the consolation that they are on their way up the ladder of contention after an impressive showing.

Alex Matthews is the epitome of the underdog. The young man has showed that he will never stay down and will fight to the end. He has captured the fan's attention as he has become a popular figure in recent weeks in PWX. Matthews has shown an ability to wrestle a fast paced, acrobatic style of match and an uncanny ability to absorb punishment and keep coming back for more. He will need to put all of those skills on display as he goes into the ring against the red hot Cassidy Stone.

Cassidy Stone has shown that he is capable of backing up every bit of his bold proclamations as he has mowed down the competition placed in front of him the entire tournament. Cassidy wrestles a slower, more deliberate style attempting to inflict as much punishment as possible while humiliating his opponents. That is just what he will try and do to Alex. Now can the cocky Stone finish the job and claim victory in the FUTURES Cup?

January 27th, 2014
For all you that have inquired about having your child's birthday party at a PWX show, here is the information (for now -- until the party room is completed):

$10.00 per child (this includes admission for the child to the show in a reserved section of seating for the party people).

Also included is one can of pop and one hot dog or order of nachos per child.

A gift will be presented to the birthday child at intermission in the ring by a PWX wrestler.

Also, each child from the party will be given a complimentary ticket for free admission to the next PWX show.

Any adult that attends the party will be charged $10.00 for their admission to the show (Does not include any food items, just admission to the show -- this is a $2.00 savings on each general admission ticket!) The adults will be seated with the children in the reserved section.
January 19th, 2014
PWX Heavyweight Champion Jack Pollock posted the following to social media following the PWX "Genesis" live event on January 18th:

"I promised chaos... I brought chaos. Last night I showed Pwx Pittsburgh and the fans who the best wrestler is in PWX today.

Like me, love me, or hate me but I am your PWX Heavyweight Champion. I took out your heroes and I took out your villains. No one tells me what to do and no one can stop me.

See you on February 15... I'm not done yet."

What does the champion have planned for February 15th's February Fury 2014?!
January 8th, 2014
Embroiled in a war against women wrestlers, Tanner Reynolds was able to become an impact player in PWX by walking out of The Wrestleplex with gold around his waist to begin 2014.

Tanner has taken to his own crusade of attempting to degrade and humiliate any female wrestler, valet, or manager that sets foot in PWX. In the process, he has f...elt the wrath of the fans and has been shown up at times by what Tanner refers to as "inferior talent". However, Tanner has also drawn a ton of attention to himself which could be the whole point behind his actions. Tanner is no longer just another face in a roster chalked full of young up and coming talent. He has blazed to the forefront with his actions both inside The Wrestleplex and on social media gaining the attention of even the top of the food chain in PWX.

While his actions have been sickening and need to be addressed by someone willing to step up from the current PWX roster, Tanner has cemented his championship status now.

Sneaking his way into the PWX Three Rivers Title Match to begin 2014, Tanner was able to be the ultimate opportunist as he capitalized on Brandon K's superkick to Crusher Hansen's face by quickly tossing Brandon out of the ring and covering Crusher for the pinfall title win! Champion Scottie Gash lost his title without even being pinned.

Tanner now holds a major singles title in the company and has ascended up the ladder of rankings in a flash.
January 5th, 2014
2014 kicked off with a true explanation point as the ultimate 'good guy' PWX Heavyweight Champion Jack Pollock turned his back on his fans, supporters, and friends in shocking fashion.

The always annoying Marcus Mann boldly proclaimed that he was walking out of The Wrestleplex with the heavyweight title by the end of the night, but no one saw it coming as to just how he ...would do it.

Jack defeated Seth Allen to retain the title in a hotly contested match. That is when Marcus led his contingent of Payton Graham, Ethan 'Mr.' Wright, and Jason Cage to th ring to seemingly attack Jack and take possession of the title. Matthew Justice quickly made his way down to clear the ring. His help was greeted by a big boot to the face by Jack himself. Out came rookie sensation Alex Matthew, only to meet the same big boot. JR Mega came out a house of fire only to meet the same fate. Then 'The Measuring Stick' Brandon K came down to clear the ring until Jack took him out as well. Even BC Steele was assaulted by Jack and Marcus.

Where do things go from here in PWX? The Heavyweight Champion literally went from the hunted and maligned to the hunter and unpredictable. From good to evil in a matter of minutes. There is a feeling from within PWX that Jack could just be barely scratching the surface to what mayhem he is about to cause.....
January 5th, 2014
The 3rd Annual FUTURES Cup Tournament has showcased recent graduates of the PWX Training Academy as well as other top rookies in PWX. While still very young in the wrestling industry, the top talent is rising to the top and showing everyone that the future of PWX is bright indeed.

The ultra cocky Cassidy Stone is the first to reach the finals of The FUTURES Cup Tournament after defeating Hayden Ferra in the semi finals. Stone has shown to be resourceful and athletic in addition to his confidence.

Stone is set to face the winner of the other semi final match between Gannon Jones Jr and Alex Matthews at The Wrestleplex(2125 Beacon Street, McKeesport 15132) on Saturday, January 18th with a 7:30pm belltime.

Stone has set the bar for rookies in PWX and it could just be a matter of time before he is toting the trophy around. Or, will the man who many call the new monster in PWX, the 6'6 250lb+ Gannon Jones Jr have something to say about that? Or, perhaps the ultimate underdog Alex Matthews can continue to show his highflying agility and resiliency to lay claim to the trophy....
UPDATE December 5th, 2013

--Have you been watching PWX UNLEASHED? PWX UNLEASHED airs every Saturday morning at 11:00 AM on WBGN, Verizon Fios channel 22!

--PWX returns with another TV Taping for PWX UNLEASHED! PWX presents "Do or Die" this Friday night, December 6th, 2013 at the Wrestleplex at 2125 Beacon St. in McKeesport at 7:30 PM.

--NOTE: Due to contractual obligations, Ted DiBiase will no longer be appearing at this event. We apologize for any inconvenience this last-minute alteration may have caused.

--"Bad Boy" Brian Anthony returns to PWX this Friday night to run the show! Former 2-time PWX Heavyweight Champion, 3-time PWX Tag Team Champion, and NWA North American Tag Team Champion "Bad Boy" Brian Anthony is one of all time greats in PWX history. Brian was immensely popular as a singles wrestler and truly hated as a part of arguably the most notorious group in PWX history, The Wrong Crowd. Now he returns home to be in charge of the live event on behalf of the fans!

--The PWX Heavyweight Title will be on the line this Friday as the champion will take on THREE top challengers in a fatal four-way! PWX Heavyweight Champion "The Next Trending Topic" Jack Pollock will be defending his title against Chris Taylor, the returning Ryan Reign, and the "New Age Plague" Gory! Pollock is a two-time champion, defeating Reign to win his first title, and Taylor to win his second. Reign never got his championship rematch, having spent the last 6 months on the shelf with an injury. Taylor defeated Pollock to win the title and the Sean "Shocker" Evans Memorial Tournament in August, but was quickly usurped by the demonic Gory, who scored a pinfall on Taylor in an unsanctioned match. Which of these four men will walk out of the PWX Wrestleplex with the title?

--PWX Three Rivers Champion "The Spotlight" Scottie Gash will defend his title against the "One Man Militia" Matthew Justice! Justice won the first Sudden Death Challenge, defeating Gory and Crusher Hansen to earn a shot at Gash's title. Will Justice be able to get past the veteran Gash and win the title? Or will he just be the next one to "See The Light"?

--The PWX Tag Team Titles will be on the line as well this Friday as champions Payton Graham & Ethan Wright take on Shirley Doe & The Fan Guy! Doe earned a title shot for himself and his protege after pinning Graham in six-man tag team match at our last event in November. After Doe's win over Graham, he and Fan Guy have the momentum and the confidence. But can they defeat the devious champions? Or will there be Fan-Doe-Monium in the Wrestleplex Friday night?

--Tanner Reynolds introduced the newest PWX superstar, Mary Elizabeth Monroe, at our last event only for her to literally wrestle circles around him. As a result, Tanner challenged her to an intergender match for this Friday night! Will Tanner do what he promises and put Mary "in her place"? Or will he once again be surprised by M.E.M.?

--Brian Anthony has ruled that Friday night will be "Contenders" night! What does that mean for PWX? It means that 10 PWX stars will compete for a shot at the PWX Heavyweight Title! The winners of four matches will determine the five participants that will face the PWX Champion on December 21st in a six-way Christmas Chaos Match! Jason Cage takes on "The Reaper" Matt Conard, Chris LeRusso & Ganon Jones, Jr. battle Alex Matthews & Deion Cruize, Super Hentai will face "The Impact Player" Seth Allen, and longtime rivals Crusher Hansen and Brandon K will square off one more time! The winners of those four matches will determine the Christmas Chaos Match on December 21st! Who leaves the Wrestleplex with a title shot?

--All that plus much much more!!! We hope to see you this Friday night at the Wrestleplex! Bring your signs, be as loud as you can be, get seen on TV! And remember, PWX Unleashed airs Saturday morning, 11:00 AM on WBGN, Verizon Fios channel 22!